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Fermenting Feminism

Laboratory for Aesthetics & Ecology
Artists' Books
21 × 30 × 1 cm
116 pp
Anthology, Feminist Theory, Contemporary Art

Fermenting Feminism brings together artists whose work responds to what it means to bring fermentation and feminism into the same critical space. These are works that approach fermentation through intersectional and trans-inclusive feminist frameworks, and works that approach feminisms through the metaphor and material practice of fermentation. As both a metaphor and a physical process, fermentation embodies bioavailability and accessibility, preservation and transformation, inter-species symbiosis and coevolution, biodiversity and futurity, harm reduction and care.

As a process of transformation, fermentation becomes both a metaphor and a material practice through which to explore important issues for feminist artists and researchers, from the politics of labour, affect, survival, and care to colonialism, food, indigeneity, and the land. Is “feminism,” with its etymological roots in the feminine, something worth preserving? In what ways might it be preserved? In what ways might it be transformed? Is feminism a relic of the past, something that has soured? Or is feminism still a vital imperative? fermenting feminism positions fermentation as a potentially vital and viable space to re-conceive of feminism’s past, present, and futures.

Spanning the speculative and the literal, the embodied and the ephemeral, the artists in fermenting feminism reinvigorate questions of health, materiality, canonicity, community, consumption, ritual, and tradition. The works in this publication obscure the line between illness and well-being, between science and witchcraft, between human and non-human, and between sentient and non-sentient to flesh out pressing political, theoretical, aesthetic, and ethical questions in the present.

Curated and edited by Lauren Fournier.

Published by the Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology.

Design by Zille Bostinius.

First run printing, edition of 100.

Contributors: Agustine Zegers / Clementine Morrigan / Eirini Kartsaki / Farida Yesmin /Hannah Regel / Hazel Meyer / Ida Bencke & Dea Antonsen / Jade Io Mars / Jessica Bebenek / Julia Polyck-O’Neill / Leila Nadir and Cary Peppermint / Miles Forrester and Jen Macdonald / Maya Hey / Nicki Green / Regina de Miguel and Lucrecia Dalt / Robin Zabiegalski /
Rubina Martini / SE Nash and Stephanie Maroney / Sarah Nasby / The Unstitute / Alice Vandeleur-Boorer and Tereza Valentová / WhiteFeather Hunter / Zayaan Khan / Zoë Schneider

Softcover, spiral-bound, b/w & colour

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ISBN: ISBN 978-87-998667-1-7

  1. Fermenting Feminism

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