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EMILIA-AMALIA Chapbook 5: Syllabus/Workbook

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13 × 19.5 cm
52 pp
Anthology, Collaboration, Feminist Theory

Since 2016, EMILIA-AMALIA has organized regular meetings that invite participants to read a text together, engage in discussion and undertake short writing exercises related to a particular theme. With he goal of using writing as part of the “practice of doing” articulated by the Milan Women’s Bookstore Collective, these sessions foregrounded historical and contemporary texts by feminists, the lived experience of participants, and the centrality of informal knowledge sharing as feminist praxis.

This workbook assembles descriptions of each of the sessions and includes instructions for the writing exercises. Our hoe is to create a bibliography of readings, and a syllabus of activities that might be useful to other feminist practitioners in their work.

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