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Cool Customer: Volume 1

Cool Customer
Artists' Books
Anthology, Poetry, Photography

As a meditation on grief, Cool Customer aims to be a space for a collective grieving process – to allow for honesty, intimacy, and healing. We are interested in considering the form that grief takes in our work as we process, engage with, and cope with loss and trauma. We wish to explore grief in a myriad of ways, be it the loss of a life, a relationship, or a part of identity.

Volume I features works by:

Benjamin de Boer, Alex Millington, Sophia Oppel, Clarice Nguyen, Ana Bernardez, Christina Mathieson, Kiyomi Coburn, Brody Weaver, Grayson James, Nanna MBS, River Woelfle, Kenley Blackwood, Jessy Kitchen, Nikki October, Emily Blatta

Handmade and published in Toronto, Ontario.

  1. Cool Customer Vol 1

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