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Marginal Equity

Kade L. Twist
Publication Studio Guelph
Artists' Books
25.4 × 24.2 × 0.6 cm
102 pp

Marginal Equity is a book-length poem that parodies the form of a corporate/governmental prospectus—complete with opportunity statement, deliverables, and budget—all while exposing their smooth rhetoric, exploitative intentions, and empty promises. Kade L. Twist’s critique of and unavoidable complicity with capital (in the form of suburbia, beer cans, and minivans) sits powerfully in relation to his knowledge of the land, his Cherokee elders, and all that comes from his own ethical desires. The last line of the poem sums it up beautifully: “this is what / i must do / it is my / ceremony.”

Throughout his artistic practice, Kade L. Twist combines re‐imagined tribal stories with geopolitical narratives to examine the unresolved tensions between market-driven systems, consumerism and American Indian cultural self‐determination.

Softcover, perfect-bound, b/w

  1. marginal equity

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