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Proverbs of a She-Dandy

Lisa Robertson
Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, University
68 pp
Poetry, Out of Print & Rare

Written by Lisa Robertson
Edited by Lorna Brown and Jana Tyner
Designed by Derek Barnett, Information Office, Vancouver, BC
Printed by Peter Kruty Editions, Brooklyn, NY

Commissioned on the occasion of the exhibition Beginning with the Seventies: GLUT at the Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery (January 12 to April 8, 2018), Proverbs of a She-Dandy relates to Lisa Robertson’s work in progress, The Baudelaire Fractal, that explores the writer’s shared points of reference – “looking at Claude in the Louvre, reading Poe, smoking hash, relative impoverishment, affairs, dandyism.” Proverbs of a She-Dandy elaborates on a persistent theme in feminist art and literature over many past decades: a skeptical yet desirous exploration of the flâneur as a figure of agency for women. Robertson finds in Charles Baudelaire’s dandy a tangible presence for old women in public spaces. The book is comprised of Robertson’s remarkable translations of two poems by Baudelaire, her opening remarks to the reader and the rousing Proverbs. The placement of Proverbs in publicly accessible collections will ensure the posterity of this special edition.

Limited edition of 50.

Softcover, b/w.

  1. Proverbs of a She-Dandy

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