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The Title of This Book is an Inside Joke

Sophia Katz
Artists' Books
11 × 18 cm

The Title Of This Book Is An Inside Joke isn’t quite a collection of poems, a novella or a diary, but something in between. Sophia Katz’s debut collection unfolds in a kind of real-time intimacy, through contemporary narratives that are at times funny, at times heart-breaking, and filled with interesting observations, brutal honesty and quick wit. A wonderful and totally engrossing reading experience.

Sophia Katz lives in Toronto, Ontario. Her writing has been published on Medium, Everyday Genius, Hobart, Electric Cereal, That Lit Site, The Bohemyth and has captured the attention of Dazed Digital, Rhizome, Flare, Fanzine, Flavorwire and Gawker. This is her first published book.

  1. The Title of This Book is an Inside Joke

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