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Rental Bod

Sharona Franklin
Artists' Books
29 × 27.5 cm
40 pp

A book of visual poetry and an autobiographical approach to disseminate dilemmas in biopharmaceuticals.

Sharona Franklin (b. 1987) is a Vancouver based artist and writer who has shown her work locally and internationally. Her work disseminates a personal mythology of gender, biomedicine and botany. The research is reflexive to the sapiential bounds of transhumanism and bioethics, working to expand contemporary interpretations of genetic engineering and it’s interwoven dependencies with reproductive agency. Recent exhibitions, performances, and lectures include; FLUCTUAT Perpignan FR (2017), FLARE [Feminist Land Art Retreat] Big Rock Campbell River CA (2017), Agnimag Campbell River Art Gallery CA (2017), Messmates Berlin DE (2016), Chimeric Dualities in Metempsychosis Betke Atelier Berlin DE (2016), This Bod is Rental Sweetpup Vancouver CA (2016), Un-Space Un-mind Rebalance Myths around Impermanence and Transgenics Sweetpup Vancouver CA (2016). In 2016 Franklin published a book of visual prose Rental Bod Vancouver CA (2016).

  1. Rental Bod

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