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Rose Marasco: At Home

Rose Marasco
Photography, Monograph, LGBTQ2S+

OSMOS Books newest title, “Rose Marasco: At Home” is a monograph, memoir and meditation on the history of photography from one of New England’s most respected photographers, Rose Marasco (b. 1948).

This volume features selections from key photographic series, short personal writings on topics ranging from artist residencies and iPhone photography to the early death of her father and her first crush on a woman.

Lucy R. Lippard’s foreword situates Marasco as a key feminist voice among practitioners of vernacular photography alongside texts by Tom McDonough, John Yau, and Frank Gohlke, which inform the curated yet comprehensive selection a work from more than three decades.

Rose Marasco is a widely exhibited photographer with works in many museum collections, who has also spent decades as a beloved and highly regarded teacher of photography. Her keen eye and generous voice offer an important perspective on how photography can shape a lifetime.

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