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Art Metropole is proud to announce the first annual ART METRONOME, a unique music and audio-art event that brings together ground-breaking musicians, top performance and sound artists, art installations and turntablists. The evening event takes place at the Harbourfront Theatre Centre, 231 Queens Quay West on Saturday, April 10, 2004. Headlining the event is NYC’s Antony who is presenting a special selection of songs accompanied by Johnsons’ cellist Julia Kent. This is Antony¹s first official performance in Toronto. Also on the bill: projection-artist Daniel Barrow (Winnipeg), The Hidden Cameras (Toronto), performance/sound artist Daniel Olson (Montreal), Toronto performance/sound artist Marla Hlady with The Tristanos (featuring guitar innovator Eric Chenaux), and DJs Luis Jacob and Andrew Zealley (Toronto).

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