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Hunter and Cook 05: Special Edition

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Tony Romano and Jay Isaac
Hunter & Cook
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Hunter and Cook is a curated art magazine, primarily featuring artists projects with interviews and features on Canadian and international artists. The publications mandate is to solidify like minded contemporary art communities in Canada and elsewhere and bring them to public awareness.

Issue 05 features projects, interviews and features by Valerie Blass & Luc Paradis, Andrew Reyes, Laura Owens interview by Brad Phillips, Luke Fowler, Andre Ethier in conversation with Destroyer, Oscar de las Flores, Adam David Brown, Heidelberg by Shay Semple, Andrew Harwood, Martin Kann by Patrik Andersson, Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun by Rosemary Heather, Sheila Heti, Emily Jones by Kevin Rogers, Alex Phillips Sr by Adam Lauder, Douglas Huebler by Heather Diack, Dan Siney, Neil Rough, Niall McClelland, Jeremy Jansen, Nadia Belerique, Josef Hoflehner

  1. Hunter and Cook 05