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01 Jan. 2003

AA Bronson: Felix, June 5, 1994

AA Bronson

“Bronson’s portrait Felix, June 5th, 1994 (1994-99)is a vast photograph, taken of Felix a few hours after he died, and one of the most powerful images to have been produced by an artist, anywhere in the world, in recent years. The image of Felix embodies an extraordinary tension between an assertive decorative quality – a Klimt-like collision of patterns and bright colours -­ and profound subject matter.“

- from the introduction by Jonathon Watkins

Flanked by an in-depth conversation between Bronson and Matthias Herrmann, and adorned with images of Bronson’s other solo work, Felix, June 5th, 1994 is the anchor, both visually and intellectually, for the artist’s frank discussion of his past and future career.

AA Bronson, born Michael Tims, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 1946 -.


AA Bronson: Felix, June 5, 1994.

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