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Jan. - 01 Feb. 2003

Alison Hrabluik Correspondence School of Serial Production: Home Haircut

The Lost Hamster Commission and Art Metropole joined hands to bring the skill of haircutting home. “One certainly has to admire a project which aims to bring the possibility of keeping it real into the realm of the haircut. When asked if they felt threatened by professional hairdressers the team responded with a shake of the head.”

Allison Hrabluik is from Calgary, Alberta and currently lives in Toronto, Ontario. Her work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions, and film festivals across Canada and internationally. Recent exhibitions include TBA at Mercer Union, Toronto (2004), What the World is Like with the Words we Like with Zin Taylor at Catriona Jeffries Gallery, Vancouver, BC (2004), and Toronto Goes Downtown, Downtown Artspace, Adelaide, Australia (2004). Allison’s videos have recently been screened for Artboat as part of Art Chicago through Threewalls Gallery, Chicago, IL (2004), and as All Set: Two Model Videos by Allison Hrabluik on CBC Radio 3 (2004). She has made multiple works with Patti magazine (Vancouver, 2004), Art Metrople (Toronto, 2003), Artcity (Calgary, 2003), Tutu magazine (Glasgow, 2003) and independently as The Lost Hamster Commission (1999-present).