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17 Mar. - 07 Apr. 2001

AM the record man


Pussy, King of the Pirates
Quarterstick Records, USA, 1996
12” LP with gatefold
Music by the Mekons and lyrics/vocals by Kathy Acker, based on her Grove Press Novel of the same name.

The Stabbing Hand
Crippled Dick Records, Germany, 1998
10” picture disk
Oxbow with Kathy Acker, recorded by Steve Albini. b/w “Insylum”, Oxbow with Marianne Faithful.

Mister Heartbreak
Warner Bros Records, Scarborough, Canada, 1984
12” LP
Includes contributions from Adrian Belew, William S Burroughs, Peter Gabriel, Bill Laswell, and David Van Tieghem. Inscribed by the artist “Hi from Laurie Anderson”
(Broken Music. pg. 86)

O Superman
Warner Bros Records,
Anderson’s breakthrough hit. Originally released on One Ten Records
(Broken Music pg. 84, 85)

Selections from United States Live
Warner Bros Records, New York, 1984
12” LP
An advance promotional only copy with 8 selections from the United States Box set. Rare.

United States
Warner Bros Records, New York, USA, 1984
5 LP Box Set
Anderson’s tour-de-force performance work. Recorded live at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York.
(Broken Music. pg. 86)
(see also Giorno Poetry Systems, Airwaves, Word of Mouth, New Music for Electronic and Recorded Media, Peter Gordon, Damien Hirst)

Three Vector Model
Audio Arts Magazine, London, England, 1975
audio cassette
Volume 2 Number 2 of Audio Arts magazine.

ASHLEY, Robert
Perfect Lives (Private Parts) The Bar
Lovely Music/Vital Records, New York, USA, 1980
12” LP

BARNEY, Matthew/BEPLER, Joseph
The Man in Black/Drone Harness
Printed Matter, New York, USA, 2000
12” Picture Disk with gatefold
The soundtrack to Barney’s Cremaster 2 film.The disc includes images from Barney’s Cremaster 2 and Bepler’s remixes from the film’s soundtrack, featuring drums by Slayer’s bad-ass drummer Dave Lombardo. The gatefold features a picture of Barney as Gary Gilmore, sitting in car with his pants pulled down, his member digitally reduced to a miniscule size. Signed by Barney and Bepler. Limited edition of 500.

Music for Matthew Barney’s Cremaster 2
BMG Entertainment, New York, USA, 1999
Audio Compact Disk, 58:40 minutes
Includes 24 page colour booklet with images from the film and a short essay by critic Arthur C. Danto. Signed on the disk by both Barney and Bepler.

Music for Matthew Barney’s Cremaster 5
BMG Entertainment, New York, USA, 1998
Audio Compact Disk, 52:21 minutes
Includes 24 page colour booklet with images from the film. Featuring the Norian Philharmonic Orchestra, the Tabernacle Bass Choir and Patti Griffin. Signed on the disk by both Barney and Bepler.

BEUYS, Joseph
Interviews: William Furlong & Michael Newman
Audio Arts Magazine, London, England, 1983
Audio Cassette

Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee
Gabriele Mazzotta Editions, 1970
12” record, booklet
Beuys’ signature audio piece. Edition of 500, stamped and numbered.
(Broken Music. pg 98)

BEUYS, Joseph/PAIK, Nam June
In Memorium George Maciunas
Edition Block, Berlin, Germany, 1982
2 LP set
Live recording of the Fluxus-Soiree at the Rene Block Gallery in 1978.
(Broken Music pg. 100)

BLOOM, Barbara
Reading Lolita in the Dark
Art Metropole, Toronto, Canada/Florence Loewy, Paris, France, 1994
27.5 × 22.2 × 3 box with double-hinged frame, audio cassette
David Case reading the begining (on one side) and end (on the other) of Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita.
(see also: Stephen Prina)

The Ascension
Nine Nine Music, New York, USA, 1981
12” LP
with Branca, Lee Ranaldo, Ned Sublette and David Rosenbloom on guitars, Jeffrey Glenn on bass and Stephan Wischerth on drums. Cover drawing by Robert Longo.
(Broken Music pg. 175)
(see also: Giorno Poetry Systems, Just Another Asshole)

CAGE, John
John Cage
Tomato, 1978
12” LP
A collection of seldom heard works including Compositions & Performers: “A Room” (1943) for piano, “A Room” (1943) for prepared piano, “Seven Haiku” (1952), “Totem Ancestor” (1943), “Two Pastorales” (1951), “And the Earth Shall Bear Again” (1942), performed by Joshua Pierce, piano and prepared piano. “She is Asleep” (1943), with Pierce on prepared piano, Jay Clayton, voice, and the Paul Price Percussion Ensemble on 12 tom-toms.
(see also: Obscure, Word of Mouth)

Decisive Moments
Self-published, Toronto, Canada, 1994
Audio CD
The members of CCMC, including Michael Snow, Al Mattes, Paul Dutton, John Kamevaar, John Oswald, and Jack Vorvis, are recorded creating their improvised “spontaneous” music.

Volume 4: Free Soap
Music Gallery Editions, Toronto, Canada, 1979
12” LP
All compositions recorded in concert at the Music Gallery, except for the title track, which was recorded at the Alberta College of Art. Members include Peter Anson, Nobuo Kubota, Casey Sokol, Al Mattes and Michael Snow (who plays trumpet, marimba, electric piano, sirens and aluminum foil).

Volume 5: Without A Song
Music Gallery Editions, Toronto, Canada, 1980.
12” LP
All songs recorded in concert at the Music Gallery by Michael Snow, Casey Sokuol, Nobuo Kubota and Al Mattes.

(CLEMENTE, Francesco) JAGGER, Mick
Primitive Cool
12” vinyl
Jagger’s second solo effort outside the Rolling Stones. Cover art by Francesco Clemente.
(Broken Music pg. 117)

One Hit To The Body
12” vinyl, 45 RPM
Rare Rolling Stones single with cover art by Francesco Clemente.

CORNER, Philip
Metal Mediations
Alga Marghan, Milan, Italy, 1997
12” vinyl
“The culmination of many years experience and experiment with the properties of resonant metal objects, whether intended for music or not.” P.Corner

Pictures of Pictures from Pictures of Pictures
Edition Block, Berlin, Germany, 1988
12” LP
(Broken Music pg. 118,119)

CREED, Martin
I Can’t Move
Art Metropole, Toronto, Canada, 1999
Audio CD, 23 minutes
Seven great structuralist pop songs sung in Creed’s unique and intimitable style. Includes the title track, “I Like Things”, “Blow and Suck”, “S.O.N.G.”, “Be Natural”, “Give Me Something to Say” and “You’re the One For Me.” Produced by David Cunningham.

Work No. 117
Pablo Vitolo Gallery, Milan, 1995
audio cassette, 2 minutes
“All the sounds of a drum machine played one after another, in their given order, at a speed which makes the piece last one minute” on side A, and the same, in a reverse order, on side B.
(see also: Owada)

Paranoid of Blondes
7” 45 rpm, picture sleeve b/w Take Me With You (I Don’t Want To Live)

Listening Abstract
Forde Ltd, Geneva, Switzerland, 1996
7” flexidisk in soft vinyl pouch
Double-sided soundsheet of ambient techno, in an elegantly printed green vinyl ouch.

The Entire Musical Work of Marcel Duchamp
Multhipla Records, Milano, 1976
12” LP
(Broken Music pg. 127)

Mouth Pieces: Solo Soundsinging
OHM Editions, Saint-Vallier, Canada, 2000
Audio CD, 67 min
(see also CCMC, Four Horsemen)

ENO, Brian
Extracts from Music for White Cube
Opal Music, London, England, 1997
Audio CD
Published in an edition of 500 .
(see also: Obscure)

FAUST, Gretchen
Wall Tattoos 1987 – 1990
Pat Hearn, New York, USA, 1991
Audio CD
An audio document of the installation of two of the five wall tattoos (phrases pricked into the wall with a hammer and ice pick) that were shown at the Pat Hearn Gallery in September 1990.

The Truth is Hard To Swallow
Pow Wow Art International, 1987
12” vinyl
Live recording of performance artist Finley, with a backing band. Includes the ‘hit’ Lick It and the confrontationl Dear PMRC. Cover painting of an aristocratic couple vomiting, by Finley.

Warner Bros Music, USA, 1997
4 CD Box Set
Four CDs to be played simultaenesouly, on separate CD players. A 16 page booklet offers detailed history and instruction. Utilizes frequencies not normally heard on commercial recordings, which may cause disorientation among some listeners. Limited Edition of 7500 copies.

(cd only) Fluxus Anthology
Zona/Recorthings, Italy,
12” LP, CD
A collection of music and sound events edited by Maurizio Nannucci. Contributors include Eric Anderson, Joseph Beuys, John Cage, Philip Corner, Robert Filliou, Ken Friedman, Dick Higgins, Milan Knizak, Alison Knowles, Yoko Ono, Nam June Paik, Ben Vautier, Wolf Vostell, Robert Watts, Emmett Williams, La Monte Young. LP Jacket includes many Fluxus text works and inner sleeve includes a reprint of George Maciunas’ “Expanded Arts Diagram.” First edition of 1000 copies. Record has slight warping.

Fluxus Anthology: 30th Anniversary, 1962 – 1992
Slowscan Editions, Den Bosch, The Netherlands, 1992
set of 8 audio cassettes, 8 booklets inside a wooden box (32 × 45 x cm)
Includes contributions by Mieko Shiomi,

Fluxus Tellus
Harvestworks, Inc., New York, USA, 1990
audio cassette
Guest edited by Barbara Moore, this audio periodical includes a 16 page acordian fold-out booklet with Moore’s essay “The Sound Of Music”. The tape includes early sound work by George Brecht, Philip Corner, Dick Higgins, Joe Jones, Alison Knowles, Takehisa Kosugi, George Maciunas, Jackson Maclow, Larry Miller, Tomas Schmit, Robert Watts and Emmett Williams. The cassette case includes a soundwork by Takako Saito – two ball-bearings (which invariably accidentally fall to the ground upon the opening of the tape).

FLYNT, Henry
You Are My Everlovin’ Celestial Power
Edition Hundertmark, Berlin, Germany, 1981
Audio Cassette

Live in the West
Starborne productions, Toronto, Canada, 1972
12” vinyl
Sound poetry from bp Nichol, Rafael Barreto-Rivera, Steve McCaffery and Paul Dutton (who now performs with CCMC). “The Four Horsemen are a collaborative literary work whose metaphor is the pop star image to the enrichment of the pop and literary worlds alike” – Dick Higgins from the liner notes.
(Broken Music pg. 234)

FOX, Terry
Het Appoohuis, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 1988
12” vinyl
(Broken Music. pg. 137)
(see also: Airwaves, Revolutions Per Minute,

Düssekton, Düsseldorf, Germany
7” 45 RPM
(Broken Music. pg. 139)

A Diamond Hidden in the Mouth of a Corpse
Giorno Poetry Systems Records, New York, USA, 1985
12” LP
Includes contributions by Hüsker Dü, David Johansen, John Giorno Band, William S. Burroughs, Sonic Youth, Cabaret Voltaire, Diamanda Gallas, Coil, Michael Gira, David Van Tieghem, Jessica Hagedorn & The Gangster Choir. With a cover by Keith Haring.
(Broken Music. pg. 140)

Who You Staring At?
Giorno Poetry Systems Records, New York, USA, 1982
12” LP
(Broken Music. pg. 140)

You’re The Guy I Want To Share My Money With
Giorno Poetry Systems Records, New York, USA, 1981
2 LP set with gatefold
(Broken Music. pg. 140)

GLASS, Philip/WILSON, Robert
Einstein on the Beach
Tomato Music Company, New York, USA, 1979
4 LP Box set with a 24 page booklet
Book contains notes by Glass, critic Robert Palmer with notes by Christopher Knowles and images of the performance. Later reissued by CBS records
(Broken Music pg. 141)

Vision Soundings
Self-published, Sheffield, USA, 1985
12” LP
…….legendary violinist, who co-founded the Tone Roads Ensemble in the early 1960s with James Tenney & Fluxus artist Philip Corner. John Cage, Ornette Coleman, & Christian Wolff have all composed pieces for him to perform. This LP has two pieces: “From Center of Rainbow, Sounding” for solo violin, and “Vision Tree Fragment” for Maple tree limb and vocal solo.

GORDON, Douglas
Feature Film
ArtAngel Afterlives, Book Works and Galerie du jour, London, UK, 1999
128 pp., 19 × 24 cm., paper, Audio CD
Stills from Hitchcock’s “Vertigo” alongside images from Gordon’s “Feature Film”, which consists of close ups of the conductors hands as he conducts the score to the Hitchock classic. The accompanying Compact Disk contains the most complete recording of the soundtrack available. An eight page booklet with essays on the work is also included, tipped in.

The Static
Audio Arts Magazine, London, England, 1979
Audio Cassette
An Audio Arts Magazine supplement, recorded in Riverside Studios in London.

GRAHAM, Rodney
Getting It Together In The Country
Oktagon Verlag, Koln, Germany, 2000
10” vinyl with 30 page booklet
An album of solo acoustic guitar & vocal performances accompanies an exhibition catalogue.

Verwandlungsmusik (Translation Music) Orchestral Highlights from Parsifal (1882 – 39,969,364,735 A.D.)
Espace Art Contemporain, Belgium, 1991
Audio CD, 60:06 Minutes
Nine bars excised from Wagner’s Parsifal become the basis, in the form of asynchronous loops, for Graham’s 39 billion year long composition. An eighteen piece string orchestra performs this hour long selection. The CD booklet contains an explanatory essay by Graham and partial score. Produced in an edition of 1000.

Self-published, Toronto, Canada, 2000
Compact Disk, digipack, 30 min 19 seconds
Five ambient works from composers Andrew Zealley and Don Pyle. With Artwork by Robert Flack and liner notes by John Flack, David Rasmus and AA Bronson.

(HARING, Keith) Various Artists
A Very Special Christmas
12” LP
A pop Christmas record with a cover designed by Keith Haring.
(see also: Giorno Poetry Systems)

(HIRST, Damien) STEWART, Dave
Heart of Stone: The Dance Mixes
Anxious Records, UK, 1994
Audio CD single
Solo single release from Eurythmics member Dave Stewart, with cover design by Damien Hirst.

ICHIYANAGI, Toshi/Ishi, Maki
Music for Living Process 1973/Cho-Etsu 1973
Edition RZ, Berlin, Germany, 1991
12” LP
Experimental string based music from the Fluxus composer.

Without Persons Remix Compact Disk
Self-published, Toronto, 1999
Audio CD, 51 minutes
An original audio text piece by Jacob is re-interpreted by nine remix artists including Greek Buck and the Dot Wiggen Strings.

Chicken to Kitchen, Wiesbaden, Germany, 1994
Audio CD
Audio collages of the famous self-playing music machines and songs about his fluxus cohorts. Includes song titles “Oh – Mr. John Cage”, “Maciunas Intro”, “Canal Street” and “Yoko Ono.” Includes 20 page booklet and an insert page.

Les Disques VICTO, Victoriaville, 2000
Audio CD, 61 minutes

One Million Years (Past) – 957 Philosophical Years
Yvon Lambert, Paris, France, nd
Audio CD, 47 minutes
A male and female voice read, one by one, the year names begining with 428 BC (the birth of Plato) and ending with 529 AD (the year Emperor Justinien closed the platonic Academy).

David Geffen Co.,
Audio CD
In addition to the package design by Kelley, the first pressing of this CD included a “secret” image hidden underneath the CD tray of the jewel box.
(see also Destroy All Monsters)

The Golden Kot Quartet
Aufgennommen, Koln, 1987
12” LP
A 16 track, hour long recording featuring Kippenberger, Gunter Forg, Albert Oehlen and Hubert Kiecol.
not for sale

36 Records, Berlin, Germany, 1979
7” 45 rpm
Includes New York – Auschwitz, Pretty Good, Love Song and Falsch verbunden.
(Broken Music pg. 158)

Pop In
Forum Stadtpark Graz, 1987
7” 45 rpm single
Includes “Yuppi Du” and “Bang Bang”.

Broken Music
Edition Hundretmark, Germany
Boxed work including burnt and painted 7” single and audio cassette. Signed and numbered by Knizak.

Frijoles Canyon
?What Next?, Sante Fe, USA, 1992
Audio CD
Live text recordings. Includes a 12 page text booklet.

Folkways, New York, USA, 1983
12” LP
An extended sound poem of dueling and harmonizing ministers, recorded seperately, around the world, and then mixed together in a 24 track studio. The resulting multi-language pieces evoke the qualities of prayer that fall outside of linguistics. Includes a four page booklet and cover drawing by Kostelanetz.

KOSUGI, Takehisa
Violin Improvisations: New York, September 1989
Lovely Music, New York, USA, 1990
Audio CD
Twelve short violin improvisations by the Fluxus composer.
(see also: Sonic Youth)

Business of Punishment
London Records, London, England, 1994
12” LP
Rare promotional vinyl copy of the band’s CD release with a cover design by Barbara Kruger.
(see also: Just Another Asshole)

(LEWITT, Sol) GLASS, Philip
Music in Twelve Parts1&2
Virgin Records, 1974
6 Piece ensemble (including Jon Gibson and Joan La Barbara). Featuring a cover design by Sol Lewitt.
(Broken Music. pg. 174)

LONG, Richard
Richard Long in Conversation with William Furlong
Audio Arts Magazine, London, England, 1985
audio cassette
Readings recorded in Bristol, May 1984.

(LONGO, Robert) WOOSEY, Dominic
Recycle or Die Records, Germany, 1992
Audio CD, digipack
Berlin-school trance electronica with a cover painting by Robert Longo. The inaugural release from Recycle or Die Records.
(see also: Glenn Branca)

Music On A Long Thin Wire
Lovely Music/Vital Records, New York, USA, 1980
2 LP set
Self-playing long wire.

Festival d’In(ter)vention 2. In Memorium George Maciunas
Les Editions Intervention, Quebec, Canada
2LP set with gatefold
A live tribute to the Fluxus pope George Maciunas, including contributions by Dick Higgins, Alison Knowles, the 4 Horsemen, Clive Robertson, Monty Cantsin and many others.

Number Made Audible
Het Appollohuis, The Netherlands, 1993
Audio CD, digipack
A 12 page booklet includes documentation and scores.

MacLENNAN, Toby Chapman
The Shape of the Stone was Stoneshaped
The Eternal Network, Toronto, Canada, 1975
Artist book, 7” 45 RPM
Simple, short (mostly single sentence) poems and an accompanying sound piece. Edition limited to 1000 copies.

MACLOW, Jackson
Open Secrets
Experimental Intermedia Foundation, New York, USA, 1993
Audio CD
Maclow contiues his interest in “nonintentional” and “intermediate” compositional methods with these speech-sound pieces recorded with his wife Anne Tardos.

MARCLAY, Christian
Rec Rec, Zurich, Switzerland, 1989
Boxed 12” record with poster
Marclay’s classic audiowork.
Edition of 1000

More Encores
No Man’s Land, Würzburg, Germany, 1988
10” vinyl
Christian Marclay plays the records of Louis Armstrong, Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg, John Cage, Maria Callas, Frederic Chopin, Martin Denny, Arthur Ferrante & Louis Teicher, Fred Frith, Jimi Hendrix, Christian Marclay, Johann Strauss, John Zorn
(Broken Music. pg. 177)

Record Without A Cover
Locus Solus, Tokyo, Japan, 1999
12” printed vinyl, no sleeve
A re-issue of Marclay’s classic early work, this white vinyl record with spiral black text instructs the owner not to store the record in a protective cover. The accumulated scratches and wear become an integral part of the compostion. Original audio of manipulated turn-tables record at Plugg, New York in March 1985. First released on standard black vinyl in 1985 by Recycled Records (BM. pg. 177).

7” 45 RPM, picture sleeve
Gentle Giant, USA,
Last in the infamous Box Full of Ghosts series. Limited edition of 500
(see also: Plow, Deconstruct, Live at the Knitting Factory, Sonic Youth, Sonic Boom)

Keychord (Breath of the Machine)
De Appel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1982
7” flexidisk/magazine
New York Fluxus artist interviewed in De Appel contributes a sound piece using ‘sentient instruments’.

NANNUCCI, Maurizio
Recordthings, Zona Editions, Italy, 1976
7” 45 rpm, printed sleeve
(Broken Music, pg. 234)

Nitsch, Hermann
Das Orgien Mysterien Theater. Musik der 80. Aktion.
Verlag Das OM Theater Wien, Prizendorf, Germany, 1984
Audio CD
Includes a four page colour booklet with images of the performance.

Mute Records, U.K., 2000
7” 45 RPM
A re-issue of the single released from Boyd Rice’s NON album“Receive The Flame”. The A side is the haunting waltz “Solitude” while the B side comprises of 8 locked grooves taken from the album, which will play infinitely. A second hole has been drilled off center on the label which gives an alternative play to the normal spin. Can be played at 16, 33, 45 and 78 rpm. Limited edition of 700 copies.
(see also: Boyd Rice)

Voices and Instruments
Island Records, London, England,

ENO, Brian
Discreet Music
Island Records, London, England,

Accordion & Voices
Lovely Music, New York, USA, 1982
12” LP

The Wanderer
Lovely Music, New York, USA, 1984
12” LP
With Linda Montano, Julia Haynes and Heloise Gold.
(see also: New Music for Electronic and Recorded Media, Sonic Youth)

OLSON, Daniel
Self-published, Toronto, Canada, 1996
Audio CD
A digital document of the sound of a needle skipping at the begining of a found record. Signed and dated by the artist.

ONO, Yoko
Season of Glass
12” LP
Ono’s first musical outing after the death of John Lennon, this Phil Spector produced
Includes the controversial cover graphic of Lennon’s blood-stained glasses that has recently been used by Ono in a gun-control billboard project.

ONO, Yoko/LENNON, John
Life With the Lions
not for sale
Two Virgins
not for sale
The Wedding Album

Piano, Tyne and Wear, UK, 1997
Audio CD
Twenty-three little ditties with minimal lyrics and vocals by Creed, often consisting only of counting. Also includes the much-lauded song “Circle”, about plagiarism in the conceptual art world.

Early Works
Alga Marghen
Audio CD, digipack
The first ever release of Patterson’s recordings includes both Fluxus works from 1962 and contemporary works. Featuring Philip Corner, Walter Marchetti, Davide Mosconi, and others. Insert includes text and visual scores, photographs and notes.

Goodnight 2000
Self-published, Toronto, Canada, 2000
Audio CD in grey felt pouch, 3:17
by composer Andrew Zeally. Produced in an numbered edition of 10.
(see also: Greek Buck)

PETTIBON, Raymond with Super Session
Torches and Standards
Blast First Records, London, England/New York, USA, 1990
12” Picture disk with 12 page, 12” artists book
Supersession are Raymond Pettibon, Mike Kelly, Dave Markey, Art Byington, Richie Lee and Abby Normal. Includes a cover version of “Love Supreme” by John Coltrane. Double sided colour picture disk designed by Pettibon.

Brujo Records, Portland, USA, 1993
7” 45 RPM, picture sleeve
Front and back cover art by Pettibon, including an image of a man masturbating with word HATE tatooed across his knuckles.

PRINA, Stephen

  • Push Comes to Love
    Drag City, Chicago, USA, 1999
    12” LP
    Similar in style to Prina’s work with The Red Krayola, these songs of sexual/social interactions were produced by Gastr Del Sol’s Jim O’Rourke. With Cover design and artwork by Barbara Bloom.

From Here to Infinity
Blast First Records, New York, USA, 1987
12” clear vinyl with etching
The first solo side-project from a member of Sonic Youth is a series of tape tracks which each end in a lock groove, to approximate the idea of tape loops. Inspired by Non’s “Pagan Muzak.” Etching by Savage Pencil (Edwin Pouncy, UK cartoonist/artist/writer and Sonic Youth collaborator). Later released by SST records on grey vinyl.
(see also: Glenn Branca, Mike Kelley, Gerhard Richter, Raymond Pettibon, Plow, Sonic Boom)

Speaking In Tongues
Sire/Warner Bros Music, 1983
12” vinyl record with 3 overlapping coloured movable disks, housed in a plastic case. Award winning design by Robert Rauschenberg.
(Broken Music. pg. 204)

Metal Machine Music
Considered both the first published industrial record, and commercial suicide.

JWD Music, Canada, 1980
12” LP
(Broken Music. pg. 205)

Produced for inclusion in FILE megazine.

RICE, Boyd
Music, Martinis, & Misanthropy
New European Recordings, 1990
12” LP
An acoustic collection of antisocial truisms from the noise-pioneer. Gentle contempt.

(See also: Non)

Warfare versus Welfare
Voicespondence, Toronto, Canada, 1985
12” LP
Artist-commentary pop, with contributions by Andrew Patterson and Ian Colvin. “Turn it up and dance to the rhythm of the coalition beat” – Graham Hunter, liner notes.

SADOTI, Giorgio
G-W Press, London, England, 1994
1/4 inch audio tape housed in a 28 × 28 × 3 cm leatherette box
A unique reel to reel document of an exhibition where the artist provided a set of rock band equipment for the audience to play. Signed and numbered edition of 10.

Every Silver Lining Has A Cloud
Island Records, New York, USA, 1995
Audio CD
13 pop songs co-produced by Bill Laswell. Includes a 16 page booklet with Art Direction and a cover painting by Schnabel. Some of these tracks would later make their way into Schnabel’s first film “Basquiat.”

SNOW, Michael

  • The Last LP
    Art Metropole, Toronto, Canada, 1987 (Re-issued on CD in 1994)
    Snow simulates an anthology of primitive music, from Tibetan throat singing to an African Water ritual. Extensive ethno-musicological liner notes perpetuate the trompe-le-monde.
    (Broken Music. pg. 232)

Musics for Piano, Whistling, Microphone and Tape Recorder
Chatham Square, New York, USA, 1975
2 12” vinyl records in a gatefold sleeve
(Broken Music pg. 232)

Art Metropole, Toronto, Canada, 1991
Audio CD
Snow manipulates 22 voices reading the names of 34 mayors of Quebec City, begining with the first mayor Elzear Bedard, elected in 1833. Originally produced for the exhibition “Paysages Verticaux” at the Musee du Quebec in 1991. The Art Metropole version is an independent compact disk, produced with the permission of the Musee du Quebec.
(see also: CCMC)

Goodbye 20th Century
SYR, New York, USA, 1999
2 CD set
Compositions by Christian Wolf, John Cage, Pauline Oliveros, Takehisa Kosugi, Yoko Ono, Steve Reich, James Tenney, George Maciunas, Nicolas Slonimsky and Cornelius Cardew, performed by Sonic Youth with contributions from Christian Marclay, Kosugi, Jim O’Rourke and Coco Hayley Gordon Moore (the young daughter of Thurston and Kim), who performs a version of Ono’s “Voice Piece for Soprano”.
(see also: Plow, Lee Ranaldo, Black Box)

Throbbing Gristle bring you 20 Jazz Funk Greats
12” LP with poster
Includes a 58 × 42 cm b&w poster.

ah yes, ah no
Sooj Records, New York, USA, 1996
Audio CD
Excerpts from interviews with Warhol where his answers were the succint phrases of the title.

(WARHOL, Andy) ANKA, Paul
The Painter
United Artists Records, Willowdale, Canada, 1976
8-track cassette
Contains a cover portrait by Warhol.

Love You Live
2LP set with gatefold
Cover silkscreen portrait of Mick Jagger by Warhol.
(Broken Music. pg. 250)

Sticky Fingers
12” LP
Cover design (with actual zipper) designed by Andy Warhol.
(Broken Music. pg. 250, 251)

WEINER, Lawrence
Yvon Lambert, Paris, France, 1972
12” LP
(Broken Music. pg. 252,253,254)

A Conversation with William Furlong Cncerning 20 Works by Lawrence Weiner
Audio Arts Magazine, London, England, 1980
audio cassette
A conversation discussing 20 text works exhibited at the Anthony d’Offay Gallery in London, 1980.

Deutsche Angst/The Memories of Stu Irwin
Moved Pictures, New York, USA,
Audio cassette, no sleeve
Music and words by Peter Gordon and Lawrence Weiner.

Need To Know: A Structure of Lawrence Weiner
Moved Pictures, New York, USA, 1978
Audio cassette
Recorded on 29 January 1978, Sunday afternoon. Music: Peter Gordon. Voices: Peter Gordon, Britta LeVa, Michael Shamberg, Leslie Schiff, Ann-Sargetn Wooster, James Umland, Juliet Weber and Lawrence Weiner.

Monsters from the Deep
Qbadisc, New York, USA,
Audio CD
Ned Sublette (and a cast of 20) provides musical backdrop to the lyrics of Lawrence Weiner.

Ships at Sea, Sailors and Shoes
Qbadisc, New York, USA
Audio CD, 37:36
(Sublette, see also: Glenn Branca)

Lust/Unlust Music, New York, USA, 1980
The five piece band includes Peter Gordon and avant-percussionist David Van Tiegham. Though credited to Static Kling the album cover is clearly designed by Lawrence Weiner, who is thanked in the liner notes.

WILLATS, Stephen
Extending the Meaning in Art Basis For Operation
Audio Arts Magazine, London, England, 1976
audio cassette
Audio Arts magazine Volume 3 Number 1.

Vertical Living
Audio Arts Magazine, London, England, 1980
Audio Cassette

WILSON, Robert
Robert Wilson’s Vision
Harry N Abrams, New York, USA, 1991
Exhibition Catalogue and CD
A beautiful hardbound, 146 page exhibition catalogue with an accompanying sound environment disk by Hans Peter Kuhn. Texts by Trevor Fairbrother, William S Burroughs, Richard Serra and Susan Sontag.
(see also: Phillip Glass)

Der Ball Ist Rund
Edition RZ, Berlin, 1987
12” vinyl picture disk, clear sleeve
Two colour print of a football.
(Broken Music pg. 257)

YOUNG, La Monte
The Well-Tuned Piano
Gramavision, 1987
5 LP box set, 28 page booklet
Young’s landmark monunmental 5 hour work for a piano with just-intonation was recorded live, continusouly. Includes a 28 page program with photographs, timed score of theme titles, and notes by Terry Riley, David Farneth, Daniel Wolf, Marian Zazeela and La Monte Young. Notes include a biography from the Fluxus years to present. Cover and package design by Young’s partner Marian Zazeela. Young, notoriously self-critical, considers this is best work.
(Broken Music pg. 258, 259)

Inside the Dream Syndicate – Volume 1: Day of Niagra (1965)
Table of the Elements, USA, 2000
Audio CD
From 1962 through 1965 John Cale, Tony Conrad, Angus MacLise, La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela participated in a collaborative ensemble that would lay the groundwork for minimalist music (and help provide the distinctive and highyl influential sound of the Velvet underground, which Cale joined shortly after). Utilizing long duration and precise pitch, they forged an
aggressively mesmerizing sound that was dubbed ‘dream music.’ Due to copyright problems these legendary yet little heard early recordings had been repressed and if reports are accurate, Young has already halted production of this CD.

One Ten Records, New York, USA, 1977
2 12” vinyl records in a gatefold sleeve
Includes work by Vito Acconci, Jana Haimsohn, Terry Fox, Julia Heyward, Dennis Oppenheim, Meredith Monk, Diego Cortez, Jim Burton, Leandro Katz, Connie Beckley, Laurie Anderson, Jackie Apple and Richard Nonas. Contains representations of the artist’ visual work and an accompanying text by each artist.
(Broken Music pg. 80,81)

Audio Arts Magazine: The New York Tapes
Audio Arts Magazine, London, England, 1980
Audio Cassette
With contributions from Ingrid Sischy, Les Levine, Manhattan Project, Ronald Feldman, Helen Wiener, and Willoughby Sharp.

Edited by Ystads Konstmuseum for the Project Kulturbro 2000
Embossed black cardboard box, 32 × 25 × 3 cm
Prints, photos, cuts, objects, books and music by Sonic Youth, Jim O’Rourke, Leah Singer, Martin Klapper, Sofia Kroon, Christian Falk and many others. Includes three Cds and three 7” singles, the zine “What I like about Feminism” by Thurston Moore and “Four Organs (Torn)”, Lee Renaldo’s tribute to Robert Smithson and Steve Reich. Edition of 100 copies.

Blast First, London, UK, 1994
Audio CD
Includes tracks by John Oswald, Christian Marclay and others. Edition of 500.

Experiments in Disintegrating Language. Konkrete Canticle
The Arts Council of Great Britain, 1971
12” vinyl
Sound Poetry anthology that includes work by Charles Verey, Neil Mills, Thomas A. Clark, Bob Cobbing, Paula Claire, Michael Chant.
(Broken Music pg. 235)

Just Another Asshole
Just Another Asshole, New York, USA, 1981
12” vinyl with a plain sleeve, stickered to indicate the track listings.
Issue No. 5 of the periodical Just Another Asshole was edited by Barbara Ess and Glenn Branca and has contributions by about 80 artists, including Jenny Holzer, Dan Graham, Barbara Kruger, Kiki Smith,
(Broken Music. pg. 152)

Live to Air: Artists’ Sound Works
Audio Arts, London, England, 1982
Boxed set of 3 audio cassettes, 12 pg. booklet
Includes work by Vito Acconci, Yura Adams, Jacki Apple, Art & Language, F.Uwe Laysiepen/Marina Abramovic, Connie Beckley, Ian Breakwell, Stuart Brisley, Hank Bull, John Carson, Helen Chadwick, David Cunningham, Barbara Ess, David Garland, Rose Garrard, Bob George, Jack Goldstein, Dan Graham, Adrian Hall, Julia Heyward, Charlie Hooker, Tina Keane, Richard Layzell, Les Levine, Bruce McLean, Tom Marioni, Ian Murray, Maurizio Nannucci, Gerald Newman, John Nixon/Anti Music, Hannah O’Shea, Clive Robertson, Dieter Roth, Arleen Scholl, Madelo Hooykaas/Elsa Stansfield, Rod Summers/VEC, Kerry Trengrove, David Troostwyk, Peter Gordon/Lawerence Weiner, Steve Willats, Silvia C. Ziranek.

New Music for Electronic and Recorded Media
1750 Arch Records, Berkeley, USA, 1977
12” LP.
Includes contributions from Laurie Anderson, Ruth Anderson, Johanna M.Beyer, Annea Lockwood, Pauline Oliveros, Megan Roberts, Laurie Spiegel. A four page insert booklet includes biographical and program notes for each composer.

Revolutions Per Minute (The Art Record)
Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, New York, USA, 1981/82
2 Lps in a gatefold sleeve
A document of an early audio art exhibition. Includes work by Jud Fine, Eleanor Antin, Terry Fox, Margaret Harrison, Les Levine, Hannah Wilke, Douglas Davis, Komar & Melamid, Helen and Hewton Harrison, Vincenzo Agnetti, Chris Burden, Piotr Kowalski & William Burroughs, Ida Applebroog, Site, R.Buckminster Fuller, Thomas Shannon, Conrad Atkinson, David Smyth, Todd Siler and Joseph Beuys. Includes a fold-out poster.
(Broken Music. pg. 206)

Touch Audio Visual Magazine, London, England, 1985
112 pp., paper, cassette, printed cardboard envelope
The fifth issue of Touch magazine includes work by Assorted Images, Joseph Beuys, Neville Brody, Cabaret Voltaire, Camberwell Now, David Cunningham, Einsturzende Neubauten, Gilbert and George, Last Few Days, Leaving the 20th Century, Kill Ugly Pop, Ricardo Mandolini, Russell Mills, Regular Music, Renaldo and the Loaf, The Residents, Jon Savage, Robert Spridgeon, Ski Wisniewski, Strafe Für Rebellion, Trashmuseum and Zazou & Bikake. The magazine is printed on various stocks of paper, many of them full colour glossy

Sonic Boom
Hayward Gallery
2 CD & Book (pp., 15 × 22 cm, cloth)
An exhibition catalogue and audio CD currated by David Toop. Includes sound work by Angella Bulloch, Paul Burwell, Disinformation, Heri Dono, Max Eastley, Brian Eno, Paulo Feliciano & Rafael Toral, Greyworld, Stephan Von Huene, Ryoji Ikeda, Philip Jeck, Thomas Köner, Christina Kubisch, Chico Macmurtrie, Christian Marclay, Russell Mills & Ian Walton, Mariko Mori, John Oswald, Pan Sonic, Project Dark, Lee Ranaldo, Scanner & Katrina Matiasek, Paul Schütze.

10+2:12 Twelve American Text Sound Pieces
Arch Records, San Francisco, USA, 1974
12” LP
An anthology of Sound Poetry with contributions by Charles Amirkhanian, Beth Anderson, Robert Ashley, John Cage, Clark Coolidge, Charles Dodge, John Giorno, Liam Gallagher and Aram Saoyan. A four page insert includes artists’ bios and descriptions of the included works.
(Broken Music pg. 236)

WORD OF MOUTH: Vision #4
Crown Press, Oakland, USA, 1980
3 LPs housed in a cardboard box, 8 page booklet
For their fourth issue, the periodical Vision gave 12 artists each half a side of a vinyl record, rather than pages in a magazine. The records document an event held in the Ponape, one of the Caroline Islands. The twelve participating artists (Laurie Anderson, Chris Burden, Daniel Buren, John Cage, Bryan Hunt, Joan Jonas, Robert Kushner, Brice Marden, Tom Marioni, Pat Steir, Marina Abramovic/Ulay, William T. Wiley) gave 12 minute prepared talks on the subject of their choice. Many events that took place this weekend (escaped convicts with fan blades, roasting dogs, etc) provided material for Anderson’s subsequent performances. The 8 page booklet includes texts and photographs of the artists at the event.
(Broken Music. pg. 258)

ZONARADIO/Keeping Time
Zona Archives, Florence, Italy/La Box/Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts, Bourges, France, 1995
Audio CD
Includes contributions by Louise Lawler, Chris Burden, Maria Nordman, Richard Prince with Robert Gober, Katharina Fritsch, Bruce Nauman, Robert Barry, Lawrence Weiner,