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19 - 20 Oct. 2002

An Intervention at the Toronto Art Fair

Julie Voyce, Sally McKay/Ben Lea Smith, John Marriott, Alex Snukal, and Pete Gazendam

This business-like art action for the new e-commerce era
was enacted at the Toronto Art Fair.
Another super-brilliant idea from the divine staff at Art Metropole.


1: Alex demonstrates the classic pass-off of his artists' business card, accompanied by the obligatory handshake.
2: Alex demonstrates his favorite storage spot for extra cards. No need to carry a briefcase, and always a spare card on hand.
3: John Marriott demonstrates the power of the artist's business card to turn heads and attract attention.
4: Pete Gazendam uses his new artist's business card to impress his friend Tania.

  1. closeup
  2. alexsock
  3. marriott3
  4. pete