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15 - 19 Jun. 2011

Art Basel 42

Sebastian Butt
Offsite Location
Sector 2.1, stand Q21, Art Basel Art Edition, Basel, Switzerland
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Canadian artist Sebastian Butt has been asked to participate in Art Metropole’s new initiative Special Projects at Art Basel within their booth at Art 42 Basel, June 15-19, 2011. This year’s Shopping Bag By Artists series has also been designed by Butt, along with a special edition tote bag.

Building upon the artist’s previous works Cheetoh Pin and Cheetohs Revised Sebastian intends to actualize a new on-site project at Art Metropole’s booth. For the duration of the fair the artist will be accepting commissions from the public. Your small to medium sized objects will be infected with Cheetoh and returned at a later date. A pricing structure based on a square inch rate will be determined by the size of the object submitted.

Sebastian Butt’s sculptural objects produced while in residence at the Banff Centre will be on display and available for sale alongside multiples and books from Art Metropole’s shop. On this occasion, the Cheetoh travels from hyperreal to surreal, with a dominating force akin to a fungus, a parasite that takes over anything it touches. The objects accrued in Banff, have been tainted, alongside objects representative of Banff Idealism (Kari Cwynar from It Doesn’t Know: New Work By Sebastian Butt, The Other Gallery, Banff, 2011). The Cheetoh envelops these objects partially, and in some cases, entirely, ruining the objects contained within them. The work of Cheetoh (or Cheezie) will be leaning, displayed on shelves and hanging, retaining the look of merchandise, while re-presenting the artificial snack food as an organic growth.

Sebastian Butt is a visual artist based in Toronto. His installations and performances attempt to unsettle opposing ideologies, such as organic form vs. function, and the creation of art that is participatory vs. commercially viable art objects. He also is known for creating sculptural appendages and other nomadic objects. He often works with collaborators and he is a partner in the collective CN Tower Liquidation. Recent exhibitions include Manifesto, 107 Shaw, Toronto (2011); 11:11, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto (2010); Under New Management, 780 Queen Street W, Toronto (2010). His work was also recently featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2010. Sebastian is currently completing his last two months as the Visual Arts studio work study in sculpture.


1: A display of Sebastian Butt works at the Art Met booth at Art Basel 42.
2: A selection of Cheeton sculptures by Sebastian Butt, displayed at Art Basel 42.
3: Sebastian Butt's design for the Art Met Shopping bag for Art Basel 42.
4: Part of the Art Metropole display at the fair.
5: Cheeto work table, waiting for Sebastian Butt.
6: Artist Sebastian Butt with an intrigue guest.
7: As displayed at Art Basel 42.
8: Artist Sebastian Butt hard at work making Cheeto art.

  1. Sebastian Butt - Cheeto works
  2. Sebastian Butt - Cheeto works
  3. Sebastian Butt - Shopping Bags by Artists
  4. Art Basel 42
  5. Art Basel 42
  6. Art Basel 42
  7. Sebastian Butt - Cheeto dreamcatcher
  8. Art Basel 42