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19 Feb. 2002

Art Metropole announces 14 Lifetime Memberships

Art Metropole has appointed 14 new life members, chosen for their ongoing contribution to the artists community and to the media we represent. To celebrate the occassion, new members joined the staff and existing membership for a meal at Art Metropole. The new members are:

James Carl, Toronto
Ann Dean, Toronto
Hans Peter Feldmann, Dusseldorf
Matthias Herrmann, Vienna
Jinhan Ko, Toronto
Nestor Kruger, Toronto
Sally McKay, Toronto
Maurizio Nannucci, Florence
Daniel Olson, Toronto/Montreal
Catherine Osborne, Toronto
Jenifer Papararo, Toronto
Sandy Plotnikoff, Toronto
Lawrence Weiner, New York/Amsterdam
Andrew Zealley, Toronto

Old life members are:

Peggy Gale, Toronto(President)
Fern Bayer, Toronto(Secretary)
AA Bronson, Toronto(Founder & Treasurer)
Ian Murray, Toronto(Board Member)
Chrysanne Stathacos, New York(Board Member)
Alan Belcher, Toronto
Bill Burns, Toronto
Barr Gilmore, Toronto
Luis Jacob, Toronto
Pam Meredith, Seattle/Toronto


1: After dinner, chilling out: Nestor Kruger, James Carl (see his Balcony project), and Jenifer Papararo.
2: Andrew Zealley, Sandy Plotnikoff and Luis Jacob caught in a moment of post-dinner perusal.
3: Andrew Zealley, Sandy Plotnikoff and Luis Jacob caught in a moment of post-dinner perusal.
4: At the dinner table, our guests applauded each other, and those who could not be present.
5: Ann Dean (rear), Roula Patheniou, Catherine Osborne (foreground), Dave Dyment, Jenifer Papararo, and Luis Jacob.
6: From left to right: Jinhan Ko, Nestor Kruger, AA Bronson (foreground), Sally McKay, and James Carl. Jordan Sonnenberg is not in these pictures because he is behind the camera!.
7: The guests begin to drift in: Andrew Zealley (foreground) examines a multiple. From left to right: Luis Jacob, Roula Partheniou (staff), Peggy Gale and Ian Murray (apparently still into the saki), Jinhan Ko, AA Bronson (our founder), Dave Dyment (staff), Jenifer Papararo (hidden) and Sally McKay.
8: Ian Murray and Peggy Gale, our President, prepare for the arrival of the new members with a little swig of aged saki, in a barrel which Peggy brought back from Japan over ten years ago. The question: is it still good? or is it even better? Decision: delicious for those who like their saki woodsy.

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