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18 Nov. 2016

Art Metropole Trancelation Anthology Launch

6-8 pm

Over the summer, nine translators gathered at Art Metropole to experiment with the elastic practices and theories of trancelation (a word that acknowledges language’s hypnotic properties and the trancelator’s own suspended agency in the between-space of translation). Most had never worked in creative translation before—a weird and endless task—but they worked from Spanish, French, Italian, Korean, German, English, incorporating swaths of architecture, visual art, philosophy, condensation, and commentary into their projects. In this book you’ll find the cornucopia of their labour: a mythological romp through a translingual rose garden; a rehearsal for revolt composed out of Finnegans Wake; a creaturely (dis)union of Kafka and Walter Benjamin; homophonic delirium visions of Lautreamont; a series of Anglo-Italian invitations to live other lives; fiery Guatemalan poetry in honour of the disappeared; Korean poetics of lack and yearning; elemental birds of prey hovering above the solitary wasteland; remixes in the zone of friendship.

Image Credit: “Rehearsals for Revolt” by Marcin Kedzior.


Maggie Flynn is an artist and writer. Her practice feels like: listening to all the sounds of a word × hard pragmatism × deep pleasure.

Hamish Ballantyne is from Vancouver Island.

Nicholas Hauck is an exquisite corpse, the shadow of laughter, a puppet enlivened by ballet mechanique. His PhD examines the writings of Georges Bataille, Walter Benjamin, Henri Michaux and Gherasim Luca.

Francesco Gagliardi is an artist based in Toronto. The ongoing Exercises series can be found at

Ella Wilhelm is a pulsating ascetic living in a perpetual state of cognitive dissonance; in other words, pretty common. She is pursuing an MA in Comparative Literature at the University of Toronto and learning to coexist with house centipedes.

Marcin Kedzior After devouring Joyce for 10 years, practicing architecture, dance and music, Marcin Kedzior is approaching literature as the most compelling incarnation of urban design.

HELEN CHO: 조강옥; 趙江玉; Kang Ok Cho; Helen Kang Ok Cho; Helen Cho; Yeongwol; Jeongseon; Deoku-Ri; Buksil-Ri; Daejeon; Wainfleet; Welland, Toronto; Seoul; London; Berlin.

Francisco-Fernando Granados is a Toronto-based artist and writer. His multidisciplinary critical practice spans performance, installation, cultural theory, digital media, public art, and community-based projects. He has presented work in galleries, museums, theatres, artist-run centres and non-traditional sites since 2005 including Art Gallery of Ontario, Vancouver Art Gallery, Darling Foundry, Ex Teresa Arte Actual in Mexico City, Kulturhuset in Stockholm, and Theatre Academy at the University of the Arts in Helsinki. He completed a Masters of Visual Studies at the University of Toronto in 2012.

Fan Wu is a writer, translator, and community organizer based in Toronto. He has collaborated with 8-11 gallery and Art Metropole on a series of workshops, which combine close reading of theory & prose with collective workshops of creative texts; past themes include masochism, translation, and mourning. His own writing has been published in C Magazine, Arc Magazine, Prefix Photo, and espresso books, and his first chapbook of translations, Hoarfrost & Solace, was published in July 2016. He is devoted to pedagogy both in his role as a teaching assistant at the University of Toronto and in everyday life.

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