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01 - 29 Aug. 2015

AXE HEAD Art Exchange

Alexis Hojaldre (aka Pernan Goni): Untitled (Barcelona, May 2015). Ink on paper.

This work will be on view at Art Metropole throughout the month of August as part of the AXE HEAD Art Exchange Project.

Spanish artist Pernan Goni divides his time between Bilbao and Barcelona, and has collaborated on projects with the Bilbao Guggenheim and the Cervantes Institute in Istanbul. He also self-publishes artist’s books and zines. This marks the first appearance of his work in Canada. In his drawings, Goni assumes an alter ego, Alexis Hojaldre, which frees him to produce for his own pleasure rather than sale. Here, he brings together a myriad of forms that suggest what he calls “a reverie made real”.

The Axe Head Art Exchange Project is a year-long initiative involving six artists and six institutions each from Toronto and Bilbao, Spain. A work by Toronto artist Jacob Robert Whibley is currently on view at the art, design and architecture bookshop ANTI~ in Bilbao. Learn more at or pick up a brochure at Art Metropole.


Alexis Hojaldre (aka Pernan Goni): Untitled (Barcelona, May 2015), detail. Ink on paper. Alexis Hojaldre (aka Pernan Goni).

  1. Untitled (Barcelona, May 2015)