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19 May - 31 Jul. 2021

Behind Your Stumbling

Dodie Bellamy and Kota Ezawa

Art Metropole Artist-Writer poster series
Art Metropole pleased to announce an outdoor exhibition on public hoardings in Toronto, especially in the vicinity of Art Metropole’s Sterling Road offices, including Bloor Street West, Dundas Street West, and Roncesvalles Avenue`. These areas will feature the wheat pasted copies of Behind Your Stumbling, a 2020 poster edition by artist Kota Ezawa and writer Dodie Bellamy.

The poster is the first of a new series commissioned by Art Metropole, engaging visual artists and writers in dialogue. Produced as a single colour (b&w) 18” × 23” offset poster, Behind Your Stumbling depicts an illustration by Ezawa of Kurt Schwitters’s elaborate art installation Merzbau (1923-1937), with overlaid text written by Bellamy from her forthcoming book, Plague Widow.

Dodie Bellamy is an American novelist, nonfiction author, journalist and editor who writes genre-bending works that focus on sexuality, politics, and narrative experimentation, challenging the distinctions between fiction, essay, and poetry. Her methods include radical feminist revisions of canonical works. Bellamy is one of the originators in the New Narrative literary movement of the early and mid 1980s, which attempts to use the tools of experimental fiction and critical theory and apply them to narrative storytelling. Bellamy also directed the San Francisco writing lab, Small Press Traffic. She teaches creative writing at San Francisco State University and California College of the Arts.

Kota Ezawa’s practice uses animated video to reconsider images from art history and popular culture, slide projections, light boxes, collages, and prints. His work has been shown is solo exhibitions at Hayward Gallery Project Space (London), Artpace San Antonio, and Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art. He participated in group exhibitions at Museum of Modern Art in New York, Whitney Museum of American Art, Warhol Museum, and Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris. He is currently on faculty at the California College of Arts in San Francisco.


1: Behind Your Stumbling postered at Howard Park Avenue & Roncesvalles Avenue.
2: Behind Your Stumbling postered at Howard Park Avenue & Roncesvalles Avenue.
3: Behind Your Stumbling postered on Perth Avenue, near Bloor Street West.

  1. Behind Your Stumbling
  2. Behind Your Stumbling
  3. Behind Your Stumbling