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08 Apr. - 03 May 2017

big fan - cherry kutti

Join us on April 8 from 2 PM – 5 PM for the launch of BIG FAN, a display of new work by artist cherry kutti. kutti is a Toronto artist working primarily in ink and pencils. kutti’s work explores the alienation and anxiety that comes from being split between Dubai, Toronto and Colombo.

BIG FAN runs from April 6 -May 3rd 2017 in Art Metropole’s window space. A selection of related works will be available in store.

“Music was an important tool for me in navigating an upbringing that valued suffering in silence. But how do I celebrate the music that shaped me after learning of the racism, sexism and violence perpetrated by the people who made the music? How do I separate my idols from their actions?

With BIG FAN I attempt to capture the impact music had on me, but also highlight the distance I felt from that culture. I decided to work with the idea of a band t-shirt that winks at an album, without centering it. So, instead of wearing a band t-shirt, I wear a t-shirt of another girl wearing the t-shirt.”

Art Metropole’s entrance has a stop-gap ramp and an outward-opening door. The basement washroom is accessed by a flight of stairs – however there is a ground level washroom two doors down at Stole My Heart which is available during Art Metropole events. If you have specific accesibility questions or needs, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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image courtesy the artist. cherry kutti, 2017.

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