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30 Oct. - 03 Dec. 2010


Gordan Lebredt

Gordon Lebredt’s Bookblock sculpture will be installed in the Art Metropole exhibition space accompanied by his wall-mounted chambers referencing Robert Smithson’s Enantiomorphic Chambers from 1964/65. These works
are linked to Lebredt’s Afterthoughts: a reading room — towards a different tropology piece in the “Giving Notice: Words on Walls” exhibition curated
by Peter Dykhuis for Dalhousie Art Gallery, Halifax.

Bookblock consists of a stack of 24 × 36 inch newsprint sheets resting on a plywood plinth capped with an oversized reproduction of the book cover for Afterthoughts
(YYZ Books, 2007). Copies of Afterthoughts will accompany the display.

The physical proportions of the sculptural work have been meticulously engineered
to reference the media room of the Dalhousie Art Gallery creating an exchange or transposition of the viewer’s immediate experience with a place and time removed
from the present yet connected by the work.


1: Guests at Art Metropole, with Gordon Lebredt's instalations of Facimilies and Bookblock in the background, far right.
2: Anne Dean, William Kirby and other guests study Bookblock along with the artist.
3: Art Metropole's Jordan Sonenberg talks with two visitors. Bookblock in the forground and Facimilies mounted on the rear wall.
4: An oblique view of Bookblock, with Jordan Sonenberg and guests on the right.
5: A guest contemplates Bookblock. One element of Facimilies visible on the left.
6: Visitor viewing suplementary material in vitrines and wall mounted drawings.
7: Gordon Lebredt and friends, with a glimpse of wall mounted drawing on right.
8: Infinitely regressive interior view of Facimilies.

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