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20 Feb. 2013

Bomb Book by Andrea Pinheiro

7:00pm - 9:0

Co-published by Presentation House Gallery and Publication Studio, Vancouver, 2013.

12-volume book set, each paper bound, linen slipcase, 2,450 pages combined.

Over the last decade Andrea Pinheiro has conducted historical research into nuclear bomb tests. The resulting work, Bomb Book, is a 12-volume, 2,450-page publication that documents every nuclear bomb detonation in the world since 1945. Each volume documents the name of one bomb on each page, and where no name exists, the page is left blank. Bomb Book contains no images, giving each nuclear event equal significance. As a text-based artwork the list of weapons, named after subjects such as animals, geographical sites and Indigenous cultures, generates an equally fascinating spectrum and haunting allegory of life built upon the pursuit of domination and destruction. Each hand-made volume is printed on newsprint and is presented in a linen-bound box.

Bomb Book is co-published by Presentation House Gallery and Publication Studio, Vancouver, and will be featured in the forthcoming group exhibition Camera Atomica at the Art Gallery of Ontario in 2014, curated by John O’Brian

Andrea Pinheiro (MFA, 2007, University of Alberta) lives and works in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Recent solo and two-person exhibitions include It’s All Gone Pear Shaped (Open Studio, Toronto) and Safn (Republic Gallery, Vancouver); Strange Weather with Dan Siney (Art Gallery of Algoma, Sault Ste. Marie) and Not Photographs with Damian Moppett (Presentation House Gallery, Vancouver); and group exhibitions Science Fiction 15 (Or Gallery, Berlin) andRope Of Sand (Soi Fischer, Toronto). Andrea Pinheiro is currently an Assistant Professor of Fine Arts at Algoma University.

Lucas Soi is the Director/Curator of Soi Fischer, which produces contemporary art projects in Toronto and Vancouver.


1: Bomb Book display with 12 included volumes.
2: Bomb Book set of books in slipcase.

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