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07 Sep. 2002

Book launch for James Carl's Content 1.0

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29 Mar. 2003
Book launch for James Carl, Bill Burns, Trevor Gould and Mark Vatnsdal

Complications with the printer! In order to have James Carl’s book up to Art Metropole’s and James’ exacting standards, we’ll all have to wait a little longer. So, instead of a launch for the book, we had a party to celebrate it! In addition to an extravagant array of food and drink there were numerous works by James Carl on display, including framed drawings, marble sculptures, bookworks and t-shirts. Select items were available at a special one-day-only price. We set up computer terminals so the public could utilize the font that will accompany the forthcoming book. Viewers took turns exploring the images and printing up their favorites to take home with them. Julie Voyce printed up a dear john letter in the water bottle font that she subsequently has sent out as a mail-art project!

An incomplete inventory, a clip art forgery, a mannered manual: James Carl’s Content 1.0 stakes the materially indispensible against the graphically insignificant.
Flirting with dingbats, ikea instructions, dover digests, and other benchmarks of the pictographic inconsequent,
this artist’s book puts the super back into superfluous.
The drawings in the book are taken from an on-going series of disposible product containers rendered in a variety of conventional, generic drawing styles.
Available as a pc and mac compatible font on the accompanying CD.
manual : 15.5 × 20.5 cm, b/w drawings, softcover
font : mac and pc compatible CD-rom

$48.00 Cdn regular edition with CD insert
$80.00 special signed and numbered edition of 25 with adhesive multiple insert


James Carl and Jessica Bradley examining bottle font printouts.

  1. Book lauch for James Carl’s Content 1.0