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08 Jun. 2024

Book/Multiple Launch: A Cyberarchaeology of Checkpoints and EveryLetterCyborg Bites

2-4 PM

Please join us on Saturday June 8th for a joint launch of two new works considering transient online spaces and relationships between human experience and the cyber: Ruby Thelots artist’s book A Cyberarchaeology of Checkpoints and Xuan Ye’s multiples EveryLetterCyborg Bites.

A Cyberarchaeology of Checkpoints is Ruby Thelot’s homage to the innumerable efforts at staving off the ineluctable demise of all digital memories. Specifically, this book focused on Checkpoints, an emergent behavior which occurred in the comment section of a YouTube video from 2012 to 2021. There, the users, when algorithmically recommend the video, would write a “checkpoint,” a personal life update. This book contains a curated collection of 99 Checkpoints, along with two essays and an interview with Rebane2001, the user who archived the video before its unfortunate deletion by YouTube.

EveryLetterCyborg Bites are toothy fortune cookies offering cryptic divinations in camouflage as heteroglossia from artist Xuan Ye. Each bite is one message that is one tweet from Twitterbot @qletrcyborg (2018 – 2022). Each tweet contains words sourced from Donna Haraway’s A Cyborg Manifesto (1985) as its corpus. Each message is encrypted with a word randomly generated from an online database of English dictionaries. Each bite casts a post-cyberfeminist spell, enchanting the already predicted fortune with the allure of data noise and indeterministic codes.

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