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17 Mar. 2006

Book launch for Scott Treleaven's Salivation Army Black Book

Scott Treleaven
Printed Matter
6 pm - 9 pm

Art Metropole is excited to host the launch and reception for Scott Treleaven’s newest publication, The Salivation Army Black Book in the evening on Friday March 17th.

The book, published as a collaboration between Art Metrople and Printed Matter in New York City, is a limited edition of 666, each signed and numbered. 345 pages, measuring 41 × 22 cms with a black embossed softcover. Available through the Art met bookstore for $35 CAD, while editions with a limited edition silkscreen insert will be available at the book launch for $110.

Printed Matter is the world’‘s largest non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of publications made by artists. Founded as a for-profit alternative arts space in 1976 by artists and artworkers, Printed Matter reincorporated in 1978 to become the independent non-profit organization that it is today. Originally situated in Tribeca, Printed Matter moved to SoHo in 1989 where for twelve years the book displays and artists’ projects in the large storefront windows contributed to the artistic and intellectual vibrancy of the neighborhood. In 2001 Printed Matter relocated to Chelsea, where it continued to foreground the book as an alternative venue – or artistic medium – for artists’ projects and ideas. Finally, in December of 2005 Printed Matter moved into our current storefront location in Chelsea with big windows and greatly increased display and exhibition space. Recognized for years as an essential voice in the increasingly diversified art world conversations and debates, Printed Matter is dedicated to the examination and interrogation of the changing role of artists’ publications in the landscape of contemporary art.

Printed Matter’‘s mission is to foster the appreciation, dissemination, and understanding of artists’ publications, which we define as books or other editioned publications conceived by artists as art works, or, more succinctly, as “artwork for the page.” Printed Matter specializes in publications produced in large, inexpensive editions and therefore does not deal in “book arts” or “book objects” which are often produced in smaller, more expensive editions due to the craft and labor involved in their fabrication.

To promote public awareness of and access to artists’ books, Printed Matter maintains a public reading room where over 15,000 titles by 6,000 international artists are available for viewing and purchase. In addition to being a wholesale and retail distribution hub for artists’ books, Printed Matter offers a free consulting service to libraries, art institutions, and art professionals involved with artists’ books throughout the world. Printed Matter presents a range of educational programs for the public from talks to student groups by staff members to in-store lectures and readings by artists, critics, and curators. These educational initiatives are complemented by our internationally recognized exhibitions program and publishing program.


1: Artist Scott Treleaven gets a hug from his mother.
2: Artist Paul P stands infront of the One Star Press billboard and book bench at the launch of THE SALIVATION ARMY BLACK BOOK.
3: Artists Daryl Vocat, Luis Jacob and Julie Voyce; Maurizio Pisigni chats with AM Director Ann Dean.
4: Art lovers, no doubt.
5: Artist Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay jokes with Maurizio Pisigni.
6: Artists Andrew Zealley, Scott Treleaven and Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay.

  1. Book launch for Scott Treleaven’s Salivation Army Black Book
  2. Book launch for Scott Treleaven’s Salivation Army Black Book
  3. Book launch for Scott Treleaven’s Salivation Army Black Book
  4. Book launch for Scott Treleaven’s Salivation Army Black Book
  5. Book launch for Scott Treleaven’s Salivation Army Black Book
  6. Book launch for Scott Treleaven’s Salivation Army Black Book