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29 Mar. 2014


A presentation by Nino Biniashvili
4:00pm - 6:0
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16 Aug. 2014
Alexander Nemser: The Sacrifice of Abraham

Introducing Bookieman: an independent publishing platform, established in Stockholm (2009) by artist Nino Biniashvili and Omri Grinberg. Nino will share her experiences as an artist and publisher working in Sweden, Israel and the US, and will present Bookieman’s latest publications and current works in progress.

Nino will discuss the significance of focusing on limited editions of artists’ books, and on collaborating with artists and thinkers from different regions and disciplines.

Bookieman’s ( aim is publishing poetic, critical and ambiguous content.


Bookieman A presentation by Nino Biniashvili.

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