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04 May 2024

Café Sprinkle 3: Workshop + Readings

3:30-5 / 6-8

Spring is finally here. And with it, comes the third edition of Café Sprinkle, a reading series hosted by Joys and Spool Oven that presents artist-made cakes alongside readings that usher audiences into a unique experience of flavour and language.

Join us at Art Metropole on Saturday, May 4, 2024, for an exciting two-part event program.

“Make a Cake” workshop, 3:30-5:00 pm, RSVP required, $15
Join us for a fun afternoon exploring cake-as-practice and learning some basic decorating techniques led by Claire Geddes Bailey aka Spool Oven. This “Make a Cake” workshop is inspired by Fluxus artist Alison Knowles’ iconic performance, Make a Salad (1962-), in which she prepares a monumental salad to be shared by her audience. “Make a Cake” will culminate in the collaborative assembly and decoration of a massive dessert to be served at the 6PM reading. All materials included. Register through Joys’s website, here – spots are limited!

Readings with cake, 6-8 pm, all welcome, free
After the workshop, all are welcome to attend a reading by Ashley Diana Culver and Sanna Wani. From 6-8 pm, we’ll enjoy an evening of readings and dig into a monumental dessert.

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