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11 Dec. 2010 - 19 Feb. 2011

Covet Corner

Covet Corner is an exceptional trove of rare treasures. This collection of hard-to-find or never-before seen relics have been gathered by our Board of Directors to benefit Art Metropole. Many thanks to the generous group of artists and Art Metropole supporters who have been digging through their best hiding places for these donations. All works are available for sale until Febuary 19th.

With contributions from: Cecilia Berkovic, Katie Bethune-Leamen, Sebastian Butt, Peggy Gale, Jay Isaac, Jeremy Laing, Micah Lexier, Yoko Ono, David Craig, Sandy Plotnikoff, Derek Sullivan and Josh Thorpe.

Orders may be emailed, faxed or phoned to us.

If you are faxing an order to us, please download & print and fax this order form to our fax: 416 703 4404.


1: Katie Bethune-Leaman: Really, it's a lot bigger, a lot heavier, and a lot darker #06. Cast aluminum and automotive enamel. Artist's proof, 2010.
2: Jeremy Laing: Funnel Jabot. Neckpiece made of silk organza with hand-sewn leather sequins. From the fall/winter collection, 2010. $1,095.
3: Micah Lexier: "Mr. Caldwell" invitation, YYZ, 1987. $50.
4: Micah Lexier: Responsibility Cards, 1981 $125.
5: Micah Lexier and Martin Arnold: Vexations Score, 2010. A copy of the score for Eric Satie's Vexations (1893) presented by Micah Lexier and Martin Arnold at Nuit Blanche, 2010. $20.
6: Derek Sullivan: Donald Duck (catalogue decoy), 2010. A new edition in the "Decoy" series, following the highly desirable "Donald Judd" catalogue published by the National Gallery of Canada in 1975. Unique work. $500.00.
7: Sebastian Butt and Cecilia Nygren: Boon, 2010. Postcards depicting a rare ice formation collected in a jewelry box in Banff, Canada. $2.00.
8: Peggy Gale and AA Bronson (eds.): Performance by Artists, 2010. The second anthology in a series of resource books on new artists' media published by Art Metropole. $195.00. Signed by Peggy Gale.
9: Art Metropole: Evidence of the Avant-Garde since 1957. Selected works from the collection of Art Metropole including audio tapes, records, vieotapes, film, multiples, kitsch, manuscripts, stamps, buttons, flyers, posters, correspondence, catalogues, porn, T-shirts, postcards, drawings, poems, mailers, books, photographs, and ephemera, 1984. $75.00.
10: Sandy Plotnikoff: Big Blank CD, 2010. foil on paper, 36x48", $250.00.
11: Jay Isaac: Dream Girls 1-4, 1999. Photocopies, edition of 100, 4 versions, 8.5x11". $5.00 (each).
12: Cecilia Berkovic: Holidangler, 2010. Found postcards, ornaments, tape. A six-foot long holiday sculpture to suspend from the ceiling. $500.00.
13: Josh Thorpe: Corner Decor, 2010. An afternoon of customized d├ęcor intervention by the artist in a corner of your home. $500.00.

  1. Katie Bethune-Leaman
  2. Jeremy Laing
  3. Micah Lexier
  4. Micah Lexier
  5. Micah Lexier and Martin Arnold
  6. Derek Sullivan
  7. Sebastian Butt and Cecilia Nygren
  8. Peggy Gale and AA BRonson (eds.)
  9. Art Metropole
  10. Sandy Plotnikoff
  11. Jay Isaac
  12. Cecilia Berkovic
  13. Josh Thorpe