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16 Feb. 2008

Daryl Vocat Folio Launch: Pact for Adventure

1:00pm - 3:0

Art Metropole is pleased to launch Pact for Adventure, 12 limited edition screen prints in a hardcover folio by Toronto artist Daryl Vocat. Please join us on Saturday, February 16, 2008 1-3 p.m., to celebrate this new work and to meet the artist.

In Pact for Adventure, Vocat continues his exploration of childhood, morality and social dynamics with a collection of redrawn and manipulated illustrations from traditional Boy Scout manuals. Removed from their original context, the characters are immersed in a world of ambiguities. These serial images chronicle a boys world full of defiance, confrontation, intimacy, and mystery. The compositions’ characters find freedom in theatrics. They imitate the world they inhabit while striving for a subculture of their own. Unburdened by conventions, they become fierce, lips curl to grins, they become outlaws. When no one is watching, they transform and stake claim to a world of their own.

Daryl Vocat is a Toronto-based artist and writer. He has exhibited his work in solo exhibitions across Canada at SNAP Gallery in Edmonton, Eastern Edge Gallery in St. John’s, and at Malaspina Printmaker’s Gallery in Vancouver. His work has travelled the United States and Europe as part of an international folio project stemming from the book Printmaking at the Edge, by Richard Noyce. His writing and images have been published in Xtra, Shameless Magazine, and in the YYZine. For more information about the artist please visit

Pact for Adventure, by Daryl Vocat, self-published, Toronto, 2007. Signed and numbered edition of 100. Twelve loose screen prints, printed on Magnani Velata 140 gram acid-free paper, each 5.75 × 6.75 inches. Housed in a 6.75 × 7.75 inch hardcover folio bound in green Canson paper and foil stamped and embossed in gold. $120.
Available for purchase online and at our book and multiple shop.

Pact for Adventure was hand-printed and assembled at Atelier Imago (Moncton), and at Open Studio (Toronto), in 2007. Special thanks to Anne Koyama.

Special Offer from the Artist: Want art? Get a tattoo!
“I’d like to announce an offer. A barter? A call for blood? A request for your undying slavish devotion? If you are interested in getting a tattoo of any of the images from my folio, Pact For Adventure, prove it. Get in touch with me, and I’ll send you a clean, clear high-resolution version of whatever image you’ve got your eyes on. Once you get the tattoo done, send me photo documentation (actual prints) of the process. In exchange, I will give you a free copy of the folio. Got any connections to tattoo shops?” – Daryl Vocat


Pact for Adventure.

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