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01 Jan. 2004

deFILE Volume 1 Issue 2

Jeremy Deller, Allan Kane: Folk Archive
Jeremy Deller and Alan Kane

A yearly publication that takes the form of an artist project in magazine format. This issue of deFILE, guest edited by Jeremy Deller (UK), features a segment of British artists Jeremy Deller and Alan Kane’s ongoing Folk Archive project, Deller and artist Alan Kane have also recently initiated Folk Archive, an ongoing project that aims to investigate the state of contemporary folk art in the United Kingdom. Folk Archive is working toward a touring exhibition at the Barbican Curve Gallery and a publication with Bookworks in May 2005; Information is available at
JEREMY DELLER was born in 1966. In 1988 he completed a BA in Art History at the Courtauld Institute, London, specializing in Baroque Art and Architecture. In 1992 he completed an MA degree in Art History at Sussex University. Much of his work involves collaboration with individuals and groups of people. Deller’s interests lie in shared knowledge and experiences, and his ambivalent relationship to the conventional gallery scenario has consistently been one of the most interesting things about what he does. Since editing DeFile Deller has been awarded the prestigious Tate Britain | Turner Prize (2004).

The title deFILE is a reference to General Idea’s FILE Megazine; published by Art Metropole from 1972 through 1989, FILE was a publication central to establishing an alternative venue for artist to discuss ideas that aren’t best expressed on gallery walls.

Mercer Union, Toronto, Canada/ New Gallery, Calgary, Canada/ Art Metropole, Toronto, Canada, 2004
unpaginated, 28 × 20.5 cm., softcover magazine


deFILE Volume 1 Issue 2.

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