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27 - 30 Oct. 2017

Edition Toronto 2017

Art Metropole is pleased to announce our programming partnership with Edition Toronto. See below for full listings of this year's events. We're excited!

Metro Toronto Convention Centre
October 26, 2017 6:30–10pm
October 27, 2017 12-8pm
October 28, 2017 12-8pm
October 29, 2017 12-6pm
October 30, 2017 12-8pm


With author Joseph Del Pesco

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The Museum Took a Few Minutes to Collect Itself is a new book of short stories by Joseph del Pesco. Based in Based in Baltimore, del Pesco is a curator, writer and publisher and is the International Director of KADIST.

The Museum Took a Few Minutes to Collect Itself was published by Art Metropole as part of The Islands, an arts-writing residency conceived and organized by Art Metropole and Fogo Island Arts. Del Pesco was the first resident of The Islands, which takes place between Fogo Island, Newfoundland, and Toronto Island, Ontario. Drawn from these and the author’s further travels, this constellation of micro-essays document a search for a new way of writing that extends beyond the summary, the review and the catalogue essay.

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Vancouver’s Bopha Chhay and Steffanie Ling will discuss their collaborative process as editors of Charcuterie. Charcuterie is a general interest magazine in Vancouver that publishes critical opinion and expresses the concerns of a small arts community. Its miscellany in content indicates the messy landscape of opinion and events that unravel in close proximity to where we work, live and make art. By assembling a polyphony of forms and inquiry, Charcuterie strives to provide a forum for experimental writing and informed polemics without pedantry.

BOPHA CHHAY is a writer and curator based in Vancouver. She is co-founder of livedspace, a research and publishing organization. She has held positions at Enjoy Public Art Gallery (New Zealand), Afterall (Contemporary arts research and publishing) Central Saint Martins College of Arts & Design (UK), 221A Artist run centre (Vancouver) and currently holds the position of Director/Curator at Artspeak (Vancouver). She provides editorial support for Bartleby Review and is co-founder and an editor of Charcuterie.

STEFFANIE LING is a producer of criticism, pamphlets, stories, essays, exhibitions, reviews, bluntness, anecdotes, shout outs, wrestling storylines, proposals, applications, jokes, readings, minimal poems, poems, dinner, compliments, and diatribes. Her books are CUTS OF THIN MEAT (Spare Room, 2015) and NASCAR (Blank Cheque, 2016). Her first script, UBER EVERYWHERE was commissioned by the 2nd Kamias Triennial and produced by artist Gabi Dao as an podcast play for Here Nor There, her sonic publishing project presented by Western Front. Ling is co-founder and an editor of Charcuterie, and a curator of events and exhibitions at VIVO Media Arts Centre. She lives in Vancouver, frequenting grocery stores, The Cinematheque, and other air conditioned spaces.

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Fan Wu is the organizer of Close Workshops – an ongoing series of critical reading and creative writing sessions that happen over a period of many months, around a central problem. They are founded on a model of sympedagogy, where participants’ expertises and passions directly influence the construction of the reading list and the shape of the workshop. These workshops aim to open spaces of intimate trust that enable experimentation and difficult dialogue.

We came together to speak of mourning, its wayward manias, its thickets of silence. We studied a collaboratively-chosen canon of texts of grief to carve out our own pathways in writing. We explored questions such as: What might it mean for mourning to be neutral? Can we speak of a mourning in general that includes categories as various as loss of love, loss of death and loss of what one never had? Can we fail to mourn, and who do we fail: ourselves or the dead? We began to speak of our own grief and how it set the terms of our projects and practices. At this workshop we invite you to confront grief’s knotty representations with us.

This two-part workshop examines the relationship between writing and mourning. In the first half, the seven participants of the close workshop on the writing of mourning will present the conversations they’ve been having around the difficulty of representing grief. Using Lydia Davis’s short story “How Shall We Mourn?” as a prompt, participants will engage in a writing exercise staging an encounter of the relationship between writing and loss. The working group members are Carl Abrahamsen, Akash Bansal, Benjamin de Boer, Jaclyn Bruneau, Adam Cavanaugh, Daniella Sanader and Fan Wu.

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WORKSHOP: EMILIA-AMALIA – Reprinting Feminism: Paola Melchiori in conversation with Adriana Monti


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How does writing and publishing facilitate the transmission of feminist practice across generations? In tandem with the launch of new editions in their chapbook series, Toronto-based feminist collective EMILIA-AMALIA presents a participatory conversation with Italian philosopher and writer Paola Melchiori: a founder of The Women’s Free University in Milan, an experimental institution for feminist knowledge established in 1986 that drew on the legacies of radical feminist pedagogy from the 150 Hours School program of the 1970s. Melchiori will discuss her research into feminist knowledge production, and consider the role that printed matter plays in rehabilitating forgotten or overlooked histories of feminism.

PAOLA MELCHIORI is the founder and past president of The Women’s Free University in Milan, and Crinali, the research and intercultural education association. She is also present president of the International Feminist University Network, an international think-tank for women’s critical thinking and education. These Free Universities are committed to carrying on participatory research and refining methodologies to collect the history of “invisible groups” in society and making them available for the public and for future generations. She is author of three books, co-editor of seven collections of oral history, and has written more than 70 articles and reports about feminist theory and on the topics of knowledge creation, interdisciplinary and relational learning, and education. She has also produced three videos on international struggles of women in Argentina, Iceland and Albania. Melchiori is currently focusing on how to pass on experiences, memory, history to young women and men, through written and visual texts.

ADRIANA MONTI is an independent producer and filmmaker with more than 30 years’ experience. She is the principal of A&Z Media Ltd., a documentary film making company. She began her career in the context of a larger feminist movement in Italy in the 1970s. Her 1983 film Scuola Senza Fine (”School without an End”) has become one of her artistic trademarks. It reflects her collaborative and participatory style that encourages the subjects of the film to co-author and infuse their creativity into the final production. The film follows a group of former housewives who completed a 150-hour secondary diploma course and then joined a research and study group.

EMILIA-AMALIA is an exploratory working group that employs practices of citation, annotation and autobiography as modes of activating feminist art, writing and research practices. Initiated in 2016, the group investigates historical and intergenerational feminisms, as well as relationships of mentorship, collaboration and indebtedness between artists, writers, thinkers, curators and practitioners. In tracing these lines, the group aims to elucidate the histories of feminism that have been obscured and overlooked in the narratives of 1970s, or “second-wave,” feminism that we have inherited.

EMILIA-AMALIA is an open group that invites all levels of engagement.
We are all experts.
No one is an expert.
Expertise is not expected.

EMILIA-AMALIA is initiated by Cecilia Berkovic, Yaniya Lee, Annie MacDonell, Zinnia Naqvi, Gabrielle Moser, Leila Timmins, cheyanne turions and Shellie Zhang.

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54 Dundas St E, Toronto, ON M5B 1C7

Featuring – Steffanie Ling, Jacquelyn Ross, Maryse Lariviere and Joseph Del Pesco

Join Art Metropole, Blank Cheque, Charcuterie and friends for an evening of readings at Toronto’s foremost pub with a fishtank. Featuring round, low tables; warm, flickering candlelight; cool, soft music and real live words.

JOSEPH DEL PESCO is a curator, writer, and online media producer. He is the International Director at Kadist.

MARYSE LARIVIÈRE is an artist, writer and scholar whose work re-imagines how we engage with the textual, visual and social through bodily and emotional acts of encounter. Her practice crosses art, literature, politics and theory, taking the form of text, performance, sculpture, collage and film.
STEFFANIE LING is a producer of criticism, pamphlets, stories, essays, exhibitions, reviews, bluntness, anecdotes, shout outs, wrestling storylines, proposals, applications, jokes, readings, minimal poems, poems, dinner, compliments, and diatribes.

JACQUELYN ROSS is a writer and critic based in Toronto, Canada. Her writing has appeared in BOMB, Mousse, C Magazine, The Capilano Review,, and elsewhere, and her recent chapbooks include Mayonnaise and Drawings on Yellow Paper.

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3: Image credit: Julia Dahee Hong.
5: Image credit – Adriana Monti.

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