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18 - 20 Oct. 2012

Eva Weinmayr: (pause) Instant Publication Launch and Reading a performance with Michael Mørkholt
Eva Weinmayr

Eva Weinmayr: (pause)

*Launch Party and Readings:
Thursday October 18, 7-9pm
Art Metropole, 1490 Dundas Street West*

OCADU’s new Publications Stream & The School of Graduate Studies’ IAMD Program, together with Art Metropole & Paper Pusher Printworks, present:

A live reading from an instant publication workshop with Eva Weinmayr and students of OCADU. The event is free and open to the public. Attendees, passers-by, everyone is welcome to join the reading.

Why did Art in Ruins, a once prominent art collective, suddenly fall off the art world map? Did they run out of ideas, move on to other territories or simply withdraw in disgust? Eva Weinmayr’s (pause) 21 Scenes Concerning the Silence of Art in Ruins contains verbatim dialogue from interviews Eva Weinmayr conducted with people who previously worked with Hannah Vowles and Glyn Banks, the two artists of Art in Ruins. The resulting hypothetical play speculates on their silence which began in 2001 and continues to this day.

The workshop at OCADU will conceptualize, design, produce and launch a publication in collaboration with Eva Weinmayr, including projections of possible continuations of the work of Art in Ruins—all within 24 hours.

(pause) constitutes a part of Eva Weinmayr’s I Wonder What the Silence Was About, a body of work speculating on the (temporary?) disappearance of Art in Ruins. At Art Metropole, the content of (pause) will be extended into a new aural narrative when OCADU students read excerpts from Eva Weinmayr’s interviews along with their new texts.

Eva Weinmayr is a German artist, writer and editor based in London, UK. Her work focuses on border crossings between mainstream and independent media, digital and print, cultural piracy, the fluidity of authorship, translation processes, and developing methods of open production. Eva is co-founder and director of AND Publishing, an experimental exploration of print-on-demand and new modes of distribution. Since 2010 she has run The Piracy Project, building a collection of pirated, copied or appropriated books.

Art Metropole thanks our co-presenters at OCADU and Paper Pusher Printworks.


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