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01 Jan. 2008


A timeline of Art Metropole's history to 2004

Art Metropole is pleased to announce the online availability of EVIDENCE OF 30 YEARS, a complete history of the organization, up to 2004 – compiled, sorted and easily downloadable as a PDF document.

EVIDENCE OF 30 YEARS documents the exhibition of the same name at Art Metropole (October 23 to November 27, 2004). Curated by AM Director Ann Dean and co-founder AA Bronson, the show was organized and mounted to celebrate the organization’s 30th anniversary.

Comprising 300 titles (including editions, publications, ephemera and other items), EVIDENCE OF 30 YEARS represents Art Metropole’s integral role in the realm(s) of contemporary and conceptual art. The show “and the respective online resource “includes a graphic timeline, compiled by curator Fern Bayer and designed by Nestor Kruger. Many of the items featured in EVIDENCE OF 30 YEARS are also housed in The Art Metropole Collection (The National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa) “and includes work by Art Metropole’s international roster of lifetime members: James Carl, Tom Dean, Robert Fones, Jamelie Hassan, Matthias Herrmann, Luis Jacob, Garry Neill Kennedy, Terence Koh [a.k.a. asianpunkboy], Sol Lewitt, Sally MacKay, Will Munro, Maurizio Nannucci, Daniel Olson, Yoko Ono, Sandy Plotnikoff, Michael Snow, Chrysanne Stathacos, Lawrence Weiner, Andrew Zealley, and more).

Evidence of 30 Years, Art Metropole, 2008. 40 pp, PDF. Graphic timeline designed by artist Nestor Kruger and compiled by Fern Bayer. Document design by Tonik Wojtyra.



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