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05 - 28 Nov. 2015

Flexible Network Aesthetics: RESEARCH

Parker Kay
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28 Nov. 2015
Ideas on Flexibility

“Ideas on Flexibility” is a public event to accompany the month-long window project by Parker Kay titled “Flexible Network Aesthetics: RESEARCH.”
Presentations by Lili Huston-Herterich, Manden Murphy, Fantavious Fritz, Parker Kay, and short readings from others.
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In 2011, a single employee was hired by Nakheel Properties to occupy the sole structure, a show home, on one of the World Islands – an artificial archipelago resort in Dubai’s Persian Gulf. That same year, Paul Baran, the RAND researcher that coined the concept of the decentralized network, died in his Palo Alto home. The collision of these two events signified a darkly ironic affirmation of the common phrase that the effects of the Internet are truly making the world smaller.

Flexible Network Aesthetics, a research project by Parker Kay, proposes an investigation into the similarities between the effects of Network Culture on modern society and the ecosystems of archipelagos. The dominant qualities of both nodes within a network and islands within an archipelago is that of flexibility, support, and generosity; Flexible Network Aesthetics attempts to use these qualities as the basis for production. In RESEARCH, a site specific installation at Art Metropole, Kay will provide in-progress findings of his research while also creating a context for the public to add their own notions of how to define, incorporate, and use flexibility within contemporary culture.

Parker Kay is a multi-disciplinary artist and curator currently working in Toronto, Canada. Kay’s practice investigates the systems and structures that operate within art, architecture, and media theory. Much of Kay’s work responds to an Internet-aware culture, while also exploring the effects of Network Culture, digital embodiment, and archival practices. He is also sometimes known as Pumice Raft.

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