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21 Apr. 2007

FWD Edition Series: Derek Sullivan's Law & Order

Derek Sullivan
2 pm - 5 pm
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26 May 2007
FWD Edition Series: Jeremy Laing's Bed of Nails

Art Metropole is pleased to present our next installment in the FWD Editions series featuring Toronto artist Derek Sullivan. Sullivan, best known for his re-organized realizations of 70’s conceptual works and packing material multiples utilizing language, has this time re-worked a classic Lawrence Weiner poster. Part study, part forgery and part desired object, the piece is best explained by the artist in his own words:

The project is a replica of a poster Lawrence Weiner designed for a concert by New Order in 1983, a surrogate for this now scarce piece of conceptual art and music ephemera. To generate the template I borrowed the Ontario College of Art & Design’s copy of Lawrence Weiner Posters November 1965 – April 1986, a book originally published by NSCAD & Art Metropole in 1986. Due to a printing error in this particular copy, the page featuring this poster was misregistered with the blue being shifted by about 3 degrees (a “new order” for the graphic layout?) … I’ve preserved this mistake in my replica which has been enlarged to the size of the original poster. Mediated two or three degrees away from the original, my decoy is doubly “out of phase”: both in the alignment of the “screens” and its promotion of a long past event.

- Derek Sullivan

Please join us on Saturday April 21 at 2-5pm in the afternoon for a cocktail and, of course, to launch this edition. The artist will be present.

Derek Sullivan was born in 1976 in Richmond Hill, Ontario. He received a BFA from York University and an MFA from the University of Guelph. His multiple National Gallery Catalogue 2004 was included in the exhibition Art Metropole The Top 100 at the National Gallery of Canada (2007). Recently his work was featured in the group exhibitions We Can Do This Now at The Power Plant in Toronto (2007) and Gasoline Rainbows at the Contemporary Art Gallery in Vancouver (2007). He is represented by Jessica Bradley Art + Projects, Toronto.


1: Edition of 6 + 2 Artist Proofs, coloured pencil and silkscreen on paper, 87.5 cm x 55 cm. $950 (unframed).
2: Geanne Parkin, Anitra Hamilton, Derek Sullivan.
3: Andrew Reyes, James Carl.
4: Andrew Paterson discussing plant arrangements with wine connoisseur.
5: Dan Adler, Derek Sullivan, Andrew Reyes, James Carl.
6: Friends of Anitra Hamilton enjoying the food and drinks.
7: Display of Derek Sullivan's work.

  1. Derek Sullivan - Law & Order (February 2007 - April 2007)
  2. FWD Editions Series: Derek Sullivan’s Law & Order
  3. FWD Editions Series: Derek Sullivan’s Law & Order
  4. FWD Editions Series: Derek Sullivan’s Law & Order
  5. FWD Editions Series: Derek Sullivan’s Law & Order
  6. FWD Editions Series: Derek Sullivan’s Law & Order
  7. FWD Editions Series: Derek Sullivan’s Law & Order