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10 Dec. 2011 - 28 Jan. 2012

Gifts By Artists 2011

Exhibition & Sale

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Join us at Art Metropole to warm yourself by the delightful glow of artist books and multiples at our annual Gifts By Artists exhibition and sale. Discover and purchase great works by some of our favourite artists. These carefully selected affordable artworks make perfect gifts for the lucky people on your list—or excellent additions to your personal collection. Find a special gift for your friends, loved ones & yourself.

During the exhibition all work is available for viewing and sale at our downtown Toronto location at 788 King Street West and through our website

Special Event
The opening Saturday of the show will feature the comedic presence of local geriatric dandy, and ham radio personality, Peanut Brittle with his trusty sidekick, Tommy Talker. Peanut’s contribution to the ham radio world may be widely known among listeners to W-E-Z-Y, his apartment-based radio station, but this is your chance to brush shoulders with the man himself.

Commerce by Artists
Art Metropole’s latest anthology edited by Luis Jacob, will be on display and available for sale. For more information or to order click here.

Confirmed contributions for Gifts by Artists 2011
have been received from the following artists:
Bill Burns, Lyndsey Cope, Annie Dunning, Emily Smit Dicks,
Robert Dayton, Matt King and Ryan Dodgson , Heather Goodchild, Janice Gurney, Anitra Hamilton, Hanna Hur, Laurie Kang, Garry N. Kennedy, Paul Kneale, Liz Knox,
Christy Langer, Maryse Larivière, Charlie Murray, Julius P. Manapul, Petrina Ng, Sarah Nasby, Pascal Paquette, Sandy Plotnikoff and Christine Swintak, Kerri Reid, Chrysanne Stathacos, Jennie Suddick and Cole Swanson, Miyo Takeda, Kika Thorne, Colette Urban, Lisa Visser, Lex Vaughn, the VsVsVs collective, David Winfield , Tonik Wojtyra, the XXXX Collective, and more on the way.

Check our PREVIEW PAGE for images of the works and links to order.


1: VsVsVs collective, Mystery Cans, $20.00. Edition of 7, signed and numbered.
2: Christine Baigent, Interchangeable Hats, $200.00, Unique, set of 2. signed.
3: Ron Benner, Solidaridad Con Chiapas, Jan. 1994, Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico (from the installation 'In Digestion'). $200.00.
4: Bill Burns, Dogs and Boats and Airplanes Told in the Form of Ivan the Terrible. $100.00. Unique, with signed book and signed photograph.
5: Lyndsey Cope, Sculpture necklace 4. $60.00. Open edition, signed.
6: Robert Dayton, The Canadian Romantic dolls. $30.00, Edition of 25, signed.
7: Emily Smit Dicks, Cabinet. $12.00. 1st edition of 12, signed and numbered.
8: Emily SMit Dicks, Nail Covered. $30.00. Edition of 3, signed and numbered.
9: Annie Dunning, Cochlea (prototype). $280.00. unique work.
10: Annie Dunning, Sympathetic Magic #1 and Sympathetic Magic #2. $90.00 each. Work #1 (2 certamic pieces, 1 pompom) & Work #2 (2 ceramic pieces, 2 pompoms), Unique works.
11: Heather Goodchild, Ladder. $200.00. Edition of 10, signed and numbered.
12: Heather Goodchild, Wisdom of Solomon 16:29 Gift Wrap. $5.00. Edition of 60, signed and numbered.
13: Janice Gurney, Outside Our Doors. $40.00. Unlimited edition.
14: Anitra Hamilton, Blue Balls: the multiple. $25.00. Limited edition.
15: Hanna Hur, ECHO ECHO. $15.00 each. Edition of 60, signed and numbered.
16: Laurie Kang, Portal. Chromogenic prints and archival borad. $200.00 each. Edition of 2. Signed and numbered.
17: Garry N. Kennedy, Somalia. $500.00 each. 17/25, signed and numbered, framed.
18: Paul Kneale, Poems. $20.00. Unlimited edition.
19: Liz Knox, Excerpt. $40.00 each. Edition of 100.
20: Christy Langer, Untitled (Print). $15.00 each. Edition of 8, signed and numbered.
21: Maryse Larivère, Quignon. $100. Cast beeswax. Edition of 3, signed and numbered.
22: Charlie Murray, Particle Painting. $150.00. Edition of 3.
23: Julius Poncelet Manapul, Magnet Rose Case. $40.00. Edition of 4, signed and numbered.
24: Julius Poncelet Manapul, Bento Limited Edition Zine. (pictured: 1/10). $40.00 each. Edition of 10, signed and numbered.
25: Sarah Nasby, Self Help from Typographers: Herbert Bayer. $40.00. Unlimited edition.
26: Sarah Nasby, Self Help from Typographers: Beatrice Warde. $40.00. Unlimited edition.
27: Sarah Nasby, Self Help from Typographers: JanTschichold. $40.00. Unlimited edition.
28: Patrina Ng, Dog Fur Diamonds. $140.00. Limited edition, signed and numbered. Certified, high-quality one carat yellow diamond* created from ashes of Dog Fur Diamond, 2011. $35,140.00. Limited edition, signed and numbered. *Diamond is created by LifeGem Memorial Diamonds.
29: Pascal Paquette, Chou One (black title). $200.00. Edition of 10, signed.
30: Sandy Plotnikoff and Christine Swintak, Buck Card + Postcard. $8.00. Edition open.
31: Kerri Reid, Souvenirs, Salt & Pepper (Iceland). $60.00. Unlimited edition, each unique, sold as pair.
32: Kerri Reid, Re-gifted wrapping paper. $1.00 each/ $4 for a set of 5. Open edition, from the Re-Gifted Basket Series.
33: Kerri Reid, Re-gifted cards. $1.00 each / $4.00 for a set of 5. Open edition, from the Re-gifted Basket Series.
34: Chrysanne Stathacos, True Patriot Love (T-shirt). $30.00 sizes XL/ L/ M/ S. Open edition, signed.
35: Jennie Suddick and Cole Swanson, Canadian Parliamentary Cats Commemorative Coin. Note: a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Parliamentary Cats. $6.00 (numbered)/ $10.00 (with numbered certificate). Edition of $250 of each.
36: Miyo Takeda, Counterfeit No Frills Plastic Bag. $35.00. Edition of 9, numbered, hand-drawn.
37: Kika Thorne and Danny Russell, Filter. Contaminant removal list: Lead, Chlorine, Syst, Rust, Sediment, VOCs, Mercury, Asbestos, Herbicides, Pesticides, SOCs, THMs. (Not for sale).
38: Colette Urban, Limited Possession 2012 Calendar. $20.00 (signed edition only). Edition of 1000 (250 special signed, kissed and numbered by artist).
39: Lex Vaughn, Name Dropping Kit. $5.00. Open edition.
40: Lisa Visser, A Field Guife to Pos-Postmodernism. $8.00. Edition o 100, numbered.
41: Lisa Visser, Posi-Postmodern buttons. $2.00. Edition of 40.
42: David Winfield, Structures. $30.00. Poster, open edition, signed.
43: Tonik Wojtyra, Paragraph of Possibility. $100.00. Project and book Edition of 300.
44: XXXX Collective, Love, XXXX. $5.00 (each), $15.00 (for pack of 5). Open edition.

  1. VsVsVs collective, Mystery Cans, $20.00. Edition of 7, signed and numbered.
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