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11 Dec. 2010 - 05 Jan. 2011

Gifts by Artists 2010

Exhibition & Sale

Once again the holiday season brings Gifts By Artists to Art Metropole. Visit, discover, and purchase works from a carefully selected group of affordable art by some of our favourite artists. Whether you and your loved ones crave editions, audio, video, multiples, or artist’s books you’ll be sure to find the perfect gift.

A special addition to this year’s Gifts by Artists, COVET CORNER”: is an exceptional trove of rare treasures. This collection of hard-to-find or never-before seen relics have been gathered by our Board of Directors to benefit Art Metropole. During the exhibition all work is available for viewing and sale at our downtown Toronto location at 788 King Street West and through our website

Special Events:
The opening Saturday of the show will feature custom gift wrapping by artist
Cecilia Berkovic, while artist Mike Billington creates customized gift cards
featuring Holiday warnings.

The final day before we close for the holidays will be marked by a special evening with international performer Peaches. She’ll be here at Art Met to launch our new FWD edition Peaches Grillz on December 23rd from 6:30 – 8:30 pm.
For more information or to pre-order click here.

Covet Corner:
To add to the rare temptations offered by our Gifts By Artists selection this year we offer an additional purchasing opportunity in Covet Corner. We’ll certainly excite the collector in you with an exceptional trove of rare treasures. A generous group of artists and Art Metropole supporters have been digging through their vaults, dark corners, and best hiding places for these donations. Our Board of Directors have organized this menu of hard-to-find or never-before-seen relics to benefit Art Metropole. Feed your insatiable appetite for great art. All works are available for sale until January 15th.

Confirmed Artists for Gifts by Artists 2010 include:
Bad Day Magazine, Christine Baigent, Ron Benner, Katie Bethune-Leamen,
Mike Billington, Jessica Brousseau, Matt Brown, Robin Cameron, Ulysses Castellanos, Marco Cheuk, Lyndsey Cope, Janis Demkiw, Maura Doyle, Ryan Dodgson, Rick Fischer, Steve Fisher, Deirdre Fraser-Gudrunas, Janice Gurney, Laura Kikauka, Matt King, Liz Knox, Anitra Hamilton, Melissa Hamonic, Jamelie Hassan, Xan Hawes, David Horvitz, Emily Hogg, Jay Isaac, Lynn Jackson, Maryse Larivière, Marc Loisier, Julius Manapule , Michael Maranda, Laura McCoy, Adam Medley, Charlie Murray, Sylvia Nan Cheng, Sarah Nasby, Zeesy Powers, Kerri Reid, Kevin Rodgers, Jamie Shannon, Emily Smit Dicks, Cheryl Sourkes, Kaleena Stasiak, Jennie Suddick, Derek Sullivan and Christy Thompson, Julie Voyce, Jacob Whibley, Stephen Wicks, Antoni Wojtyra (Tonik), Naomi Yasui, Alberto Guedea Zamora, and more on the way.


1: Anitra Hamilton, Cherry Bomb, edition of 20, 2010.
2: Matt King, Life Pennant. $20.00. Open edition.
3: Alberto Guesea Zamora, Untitled (from the critic acid series). Photograph mounted under plastic. $800.00. Edition of 5. Signed and numbered.
4: Marco Cheuk, Untitled. $88.00. Signed. SOLD.
5: Robin Cameron, Oxidation (Green) - Chance Series. Etching. $40.00. Edition of 9, Signed and numbered.
6: Robin Cameron, Marks (Blue) - Chance Series. Etching. $40.00. Edition of 9. Signed and numbered.
7: Robin Cameron, Collage (Chin-Colle) - Chance Series. Print. $60.00. Edition of 9. Signed and numbered. Collage. Artist's Print. $80.00. Edition of 3. Signed and numbered.
8: Kerri Reid, Drips (Porcelain), 2010. $5.00 each. Edition of 140, varied. Free Fortune, original drawing of fortune, free with purchase while supplies last. Open edition.
9: Stephen F. Fisher, Terraforming Kit, Premium Topographical Crumpling Paper and Asteroid Kit, Premium Paper for Creating Celestial Bodies. Paper sculpture. $40.00 each. Edition N/A.
10: Deirdre Fraser-Gudrumas, Light Switch/Infinite Patience Project Beaded work. $325.00. Edition N/A.
11: Xan Hawes, Delux Pegboard Coasters. $5.00, single/ $18.00 set of 4.
12: Ulysses Castellanos, Alien 3. $50.00, single/ $400.00 set of 7. Unique Work. Signed and numbered.
13: Sylvia Nan Cheng, For Those WHo Wish to Flaunt it. Porcelain. $69.00 each. Edition Unlimited. Hey Check Out My Bum. Porcelain. $40.00 each. Edition Unlimited. Hey Check out my Breasts. Porcelain. $40.00 each. Edition Unlimited. Vegetarian Drumsticks. Porcealain, 2010. $40.00 each. Edition Unlimited.
14: Sylvia Nan Chend, Madeready. Porcelain. $150.00 each. Edition of 3. Signed.
15: Stephen Wicks, Towel. Cloth. $75.00 each. Edition of 5. Signed and numbered.
16: Naomi Yasui, A Form & Method of Perfecting Pots. $150.00 each. Edition of 40. Signed and numbered.
17: Laura Kikauka, Persons. $20.00 L, $15.00 SM. Edition N/A.
18: Kaleena Stasiak, Familiar Places Made Strange by the Passage of Time. $50.00 each. Edition of 5, Signed and numbered.
19: Jessica Brousseau, Stephen Harper Topsy Turvy Doll. $40.00 each. Edition N/A.
20: Jamie Shannon, Lucky Bags, 2010. $7.00 each. Edition N/A. SOLD OUT.
21: Emily Hogg, Multiple Bookmark Multiple. Felt. $8.00 each. Edition N/A.
22: Kevin Rodgers, The Wherewital. Five part book shelf. Bottom piece $160.00, $90.00 others, $450.00 whole. Unique Work, in 5 parts.
23: Marc Losier, Foucault Artist Postage Stamps. $10 each. Edition of 50. Signed and numbered.
24: Jamelie Hassan, The Films & Video of Jamelie Hassan. Book including DVD. $150.00. Edition of 100. Signed and numbered.
25: Julius Manapul, Shirts and Ties. $25.00. Open Edition. Signed by the artist.
26: Jennie Suddick, "Best Wishes" - Brittle Balsa Wood Wishbones. $70.00 each. Edition of 3. Signed and numbered.
27: Christine Baigent, Merry/Maledicta. $45 for 3. Edition of 5. Signed and numbered.
28: Adam Medley, The Pleasure is Back Holiday Gift Kit, 2010. $150.00. Edition unlimited.
29: Liz Knox, Cheese Slice Coasters. $30.00. Edition open.
30: Laura McCoy, Paper Weigh (less), Paper sculpture. $7.00. Edition of 15.
31: Laura McCoy, Shape Therapy. Bookwork. $15.00. Edition n/a.
32: Julie Voyce, Thanks Milton. Ink wash. $25.00. Edition of 30. Signed and numbered.
33: Sarah Nasby, "I Heart" T-shirt. $28.00 S, M, L. Edition unlimited.
34: Sarah Nasby, Watch Bands Bracelet. $18.00. Edition unlimited.
35: Janice Gurney, Portrait of the Person Before Me (Post Modern Art). Print mounted under plexi. $300.00 .Unique Work.
36: Lyndsey Cope, Leather and Lace, 2010, $45.00. Edition of 2.
37: Charlie Murray, Spinning PLant. $130.00. Unique Work. SOLD.
38: Antoni Wojtyra, Beaver. Cost: a single 2010 five cent piece. Edition of 20.
39: Ryan Dodgson, Ontario Dark-Sky Map. Screen Print, 38.5 x 38 cm. $10.00. Edition of 50, signed and numbered.
40: Melissa Hamonic, DATA/DADA, Lenticular Photo,0. $25.00. Edition of 5. Signed and numbered. SOLD OUT.
41: Maura Doyle, Handmade coins and tickets Red Stoneware with underglaze. $6.00 (each). Edition of 200.
42: Jay Isaac and Lorenz Peter Bay of Creatures, audio CD, $10.00, Edition of 100.
43: Lynn Jackson, Cast Memory, $150.00/ $250.00/ $400.00. Unique works in series. Reindeer Necklace. A Safety Pin and a Horse Necklace, sterling silver electroplated with antique brass finish. Rings, Cast brass with electroplated antique finish.
44: Jay Isaac, Deep Hole, audio CD. $10.00. Edition of 50.
45: Derek Sullivan + Christy Thompson, Untitled Pendants, Fall. $100.00. Edition of 6. Signed.
46: Katie Bethune-Leamen, Laser-cut Plexiglas Amanita Pantherina Mushrooms. $45.00. Edition of 50. Signed and numbered.
47: Cheryl Sourkes. Hyperconnectivity. $15.00. Edition of 5. Signed.
48: Antonella Sigismondi, Coochies. $120.00. Open edition. Signed.
49: Mat Brown, The Temptations of Cryogenian Thermal Genesis. $200.00. Artist's Proof. Signed and numbered.
50: Zeesy Powers, Life Line. Digital animation in LCD display. $175.00 for editions #1-#4, $225.00 for #5, special edition. Edition of 5. Signed and numbered.
51: David Horvitz, New Year's Resolutions. $1. Edition unlimited.
52: Rick Fischer, Nipple Works, 2010. Individual Pins and magnets, $15 chained pairs, $25. Open edition.
53: Maryse Larivière, Robin Simpson (publisher), Grace: Amor, 2010. $15.00. Edition of 13.
54: Emily Smit-Dicks, Broken Flowers. $45.00. Edition of 8. Signed and numbered,.
55: Jacob Whibley, Maker's Medallion. $275.00. Edition of 10.
56: Michael Billington, Prescription Turtleneck. Ink and watercolour. $150.00. Edition of 3.
57: Cecilia at the wrapping table.
58: Art Metropole's Denise Ryner & Mike Billington .
59: Covet Corner.
60: The room starts to fill.
61: Mike officiating his cards.
62: Visitors inspect this years gifts.
63: The place is packed.
64: Deirdre Fraser, Any Fabo and guests.
65: Josh Thorpe and Denise.

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