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03 - 31 May 2014

HomeShop's Late Editions

Over its duration, HomeShop (active from 2008-2013, Beijing) investigated the ins and outs of publicness and locality through the process and form of journals, books and newspapers. HomeShop’s Late Editions brings together the three issues of HomeShop’s Wear journal (2008-2012), copies of the in-house produced newspaper Beiertiao Leaks (2010-2012), copies of The YellowSide Daily and GreenBox Leaks produced in the context of two exhibitions in Guangzhou (2011) and Hangzhou (2013) respectively, as well as HomeShop’s last publication called Appendix (2013) — a collection of 43 parallel moments gathered from those who had been close to HomeShop for years, or in passing.

Visitors are welcome to browse through this material or use the opportunity to take the
HomeShop Audio Tour and transport themselves to a different place and time, while sipping tea with mint harvested from HomeShop’s rooftop in Art Metropole’s window.

Listen to the Homeshop Audio Tour here.

HomeShop began as a storefront residence and artist initiative in Beijing in 2008. Located on an old hutong alleyway in the center of Beijing, the space and its window front were used as the beginning points from which to examine ways of relaying between the public and private, the commercial and other forms of exchange. Artists, designers, and thinkers came together via a multiple, interwoven series of small-scale activities, interventions, and documentary gestures, whereby daily life, work, and the community become explorations of micropolitical possibility and of working together. HomeShop was initiated by Elaine W. Ho, and from 2010 to 2013 was a work-in-progress by Orianna Cacchione, Michael Eddy, Elaine W. Ho, Fotini Lazaridou-Hatzigoga, Ouyang Xiao, Twist Qu, Emi Uemura
and Cici Wang.


1: A neighbour with the first edition of Beiertiao Leaks hot off the press.
2: Appendix, HomeShop's final publication, hanging against the skies of Beijing.

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