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23 Sep. - 19 Oct. 2016

Sara Pupo - In the Night Room

Sarah Pupo

2016-09-23 – 2016-10-19
Opening event Friday Sept. 23, 5-7PM

In the Night Room restages a window installation that was originally a component within a larger exhibition at articule (Montréal, QC).

In an act of veiling and unveiling, hiding and revealing, a black silhouette vinyl cut is placed between the viewer and a projection from inside the space. Much of the content is obscured, visible only through intricate peepholes and transformed by the patterned screen. Once inside, the animation What was a Wild Night can be seen in its original state.

What Was a Wild Night is an animation made collaboratively by artist Sarah Pupo and musician Nina Nielsen. Using paint and paper cutouts on glass, characters were created and scenes improvised in direct response to the Nielsen’s soundtrack. The result is reminiscent of a live drawing populated by meandering psychedelia and dark forms that transform, vanish and rise again.

Sarah Pupo lives and works in Montréal, Quebec. Her work integrates painting and drawing, installation and self-taught, provisional animation techniques. Her approach to making things prioritizes intuition, ritual, associative thinking and the flux of chance and control.

Some of Pupo’s projects include recent solo exhibitions at articule (Montréal, Quebec) and the ODD Gallery (Dawson City, Yukon) and an upcoming residency at the CALQ (Conseil des arts et des lettres du Quebec) studio in Mumbai, India.

See her drawings, paintings and animations at

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