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01 Jan. 2007


Art Metropole is happy to announce a new series of original editions by artists called FWD Editions

About the New Series

As a pre-eminent publisher of artists editions and multiples since 1974, with an artistic policy dedicated to supporting original work and thought by contemporary, conceptually based artists, Art Metropole has been privileged to produce works with great artists such as; John Baldessari, AA Bronson, James Carl, Martin Creed, Tom Dean, Stephen Ellwood, Hans-Peter Feldmann, General Idea, Dan Graham, Rodney Graham, Matthias Herrmann, Brian Jungen, Luis Jacob, Garry Neill Kennedy, Micah Lexier, Christian Marclay, Kelly Mark, Damian Moppett, Maurizio Nannucci, Daniel Olson, Yoko Ono, Michael Snow, Ultra-red, Jeff Wall, Lawrence Weiner, among many other equally exceptional artists.

FWD Editions continues this publishing tradition and looks to the future of conceptual art. To date, ten young artists have been chosen for the excellence of their practice and their engagement with conceptual themes. Periodically for the next two years, Art Metropole will launch an exquisite new multiple, in limited edition. FWD Editions is a series initiated to nurture the continuance and future of critically based practices in contemporary art.

We are very excited that the inimitable Lucy Pullen will premier the series this January.

About the New Edition

Lucy Pullen’s sculptural edition, Infinite Outfit, consists of six forms constructed with reflective thread. Hand-knitted, the artist employed a continuous stitch but varied the width and stitch count, resulting in six unique möbius strips, individually determined by the circumnavigation of the expanding parameter.

“Infinite Outfit is an experiment in the production and control of anarchic energy, reflectivity and surprise. When photographed, forms made of reflective thread are consumed by a burst of white light and disappear. Reflective material activates the space between beholder and beheld. When the viewer walks past the work, as a point she becomes the mid-point between the work and the light source. If there is a straight line between a light source, the viewer and the reflective object, the form appears to “pop”, explode and disappear into a burst of white light.” -Lucy Pullen

Born in 1971 in Montreal QC, Lucy Pullen received a BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design (1993), and an MFA from Temple University, Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia (2001). Lucy Pullen is an Assistant Professor at the University of Victoria, in British Columbia, Canada where she teaches sculpture and drawing. Pullen is a new scholar. Her work on situationist sculpture opens academic and artistic fields of inquiry.

Pullen has exhibited in Canada, the US, the UK and participated in residencies internationally including: Stramur Art Commune, Iceland (1998); Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture in Maine (1998); Struts in Sackville New Brunswick (1997); and Bemis Center for the Arts, Omaha Nebraska (2001), and most recently at the Outpost for Contemporary Art, in Los Angeles (2006).


1: Infinite Outfit, Strip 6.
2: Infinite Outfit, Strip 4.
3: Infinite Outfit, Strip 3.
4: Infinite Outfit, Strip 2.
5: Infinite Outfit, Strip 1.

  1. io-4_noflash_a
  2. io-3_b_noflash
  3. io-3_b_flash
  4. io-2_a_noflash
  5. io-1_noflash