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01 Jan. 2013

Jimmy Limit Packing Tape For Art Metropole, 2013

Jimmy Limit

The artist’s logo appears in bold capitals set in red type on a yellow background, repeated infinitely — or until the tape runs out.

Published by Art Metropole, Toronto, Canada, 2013.
Edition of 65 plus 7 AP.
$40 each.

Jimmy Limit is a photo based artist. Using a large format camera, his work currently is exploring themes of ruin and decay with aspects of science fiction narrative. He has self published a large amount of artist books (zines) which are available around the world, but mostly exist in a box in his studio. He has exhibited in group shows internationally as well as locally including Paris, New York and Montreal. His photos have been published in numerous books and magazines including New York Times, Frieze Magazine and L’Officiel Hommes. He lives in Toronto.


Jimmy Limit Packing Tape For Art Metropole, 2013.

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