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23 Nov. 2013

JIMMY LIMIT Packing Tape and Millions Magazine Issue 4

Dual Launch Event
4:00pm - 6:0

Jimmy Limit
Packing Tape For Art Metropole, 2013
Jimmy Limit Tape Edition for Art Metropole, 2013

Join us for the Toronto launch of this new edition for Art Metropole, JIMMY LIMIT Packing Tape. The artist’s logo appears in bold capitals set in red type on a yellow background, repeated infinitely — or until the tape runs out.

Edition of 65 + 7AP
$40.00 each

Millions Magazine
Issue 4

Millions is an independent contemporary art and culture magazine designed, edited and published by artists Tony Romano and Claire Greenshaw. In addition to artist projects commissioned for each issue, Millions presents in depth articles and interviews with emerging and established contemporary artists.

Issue 4 was inspired by the 1969 video by Nancy Holt & Robert Smithson, East Coast, West Coast and is comprised of a series of interviews conducted between artists.

Issue 4 features:
Kathy Slade
Holly Ward
Nadia Belerique
Oliver Husain
Brad Phillips
Shayne Ehman
Tim Barber
Tamara Henderson
Sojourner Truth Parsons
Adam Lauder
Jay Isaac
Eli Langer
Jennifer Murphy
Elizabeth Zvonar
Derek Sullivan

Special launch price: $10.00
in person at the event.

Regular retail price: $12.00


1: JIMMY LIMIT Packing Tape  &  Millions Magazine Issue 4.
2: Millions Magazine, Issue 4, November, 2013, cover.

  1. JimmyLimit_Millions_composite_550by332
  2. Millions_cover_issue4_302by485