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04 - 07 Dec. 2014

Kay Rosen Love Letter, 2014

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04 - 07 Dec. 2014
Art Metropole at Art | Basel Miami Beach 2014

Edition of 10 + 4 AP.
16 inches x 24 inches, screenprint; Nazdar 2700 series Aquasafe Water-Based All Purpose Gloss Screen ink, on 15 pt Carolina Blanks C1S paper, with signed and numbered sticker certificate.
Art Metropole, Toronto, Canada, 2014

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There are many ways of expressing love, and one of those is through a love letter, a quaint form of exchange in our age of instant communication, but perfectly normal from an artist who uses text as the imagery in her work. Along with the written expression of affection whose binary XO love code fills an entire page, Love Letter, 2014 is a surrogate for gestures of physical affection, hugs and kisses, all enhanced by the choices of color, paper, and ink. Love Letter, 2014 may be personally interpreted by each viewer in any number of romantic ways, but one object of art lovers’ devotion should be the venerable Art Metropole, along with its many supporters over the years.

Kay Rosen is an American artist whose language-based explorations began in academia several decades ago and ended up soon thereafter in art. Her work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions and public projects all over the world. More may be learned about Rosen at her website

  1. Kay Rosen Love Letter