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23 Nov. 2018

Launch + Discussion — The HIV Howler: Transmitting Art and Activism

Anthea Black and Jessica Whitbread
Andrew Zealley, Charles Long, and Mikiki
6PM - 8PM

Please join us at Art Metropole (158 Sterling Rd) on Friday, November 23rd from 6pm to 8pm for the launch of The HIV Howler: Transmitting Art and Activism.

The HIV Howler: Transmitting Art and Activism is a limited edition art newspaper focusing on global grassroots HIV art and cultural production. Artists have and continue to play a fundamental role in shaping broader societal understandings of HIV and working within communities that are most impacted by the virus: queer and trans people, people who use drugs, sex workers, people of colour, and indigenous peoples. Together we reflect the immediacy and urgency of global HIV/AIDS dialogues as well as their historical continuities.

The HIV Howler is a forum for dialogue, a demand for aesthetic self-determination, a response to tokenism, and a guide to navigating the vibrational ambiguities between policy, pathology, and community.

Publishers + Editors
Anthea Black and Jessica Whitbread

Editorial Advisory Committee
Anthea Black, Theodore Kerr, Charles Long, Mikiki, Darien Taylor, L’Orangelis Thomas, and Jessica Whitbread.

To correspond with The HIV Howler launch, featured artist Andrew Zealley will also be launching Infecting Postal, a new series of four numbered postcards, each in an edition of 100._ Infecting Postal_ expands on Zealley’s previous text-based explorations, where citations from Sara Ahmed, Nicolas Bourriaud, Néstor Garcia Canclini and Eli Clare are infected with language from the field of HIV/AIDS with the goal of expanding our understanding of the ways AIDS infects/affects everyone, and the multiple, insidious forms—physical, emotional, psychic, social, political, aesthetic—that infection can take.

This launch will feature readings from Anthea Black and Jessica Whitbread, and a discussion between Anthea Black, Jessica Whitbread, Mikiki, Charles Long, Andrew Zealley, and special guests TBA!

The HIV Howler: Transmitting Art and Activism, Issue 1: Criminalization-Medicalization, Issue 2: Mentor-Mother, and Issue 3: Sex-Pleasure will be available at the launch for $5 each.

Infecting Postal postcards are available individually as well as in sleeved sets of four. Individual cards (#34-100) are priced at $5 each. Sets of four (#1-33) are $20.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Toronto Arts Council.

Anthea Black is a Canadian artist, writer, and cultural worker based in San Francisco and Toronto. Her studio work addresses feminist and queer history, collaboration, materiality, and labour and has been exhibited in Canada, the US, France, Germany, The Netherlands, and Norway. Black is co-editor of Handbook: Supporting Queer and Trans Students in Art and Design Education with Shamina Chherawala and Craft on Demand: The New Politics of the Handmade with Nicole Burisch. She is an Assistant Professor in Printmedia and Graduate Fine Arts at California College of the Arts.

Andrew Zealley is a Toronto-based artist whose work expands beyond audio and music methods to inform mixed disciplines and media. His practice has been situated at the shifting nexus of HIV/AIDS, queer identity, and the body since 1990. Zealley s audio installation, Nature: This Is A Recording, is in the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Canada. He has recordings published by labels Art Metropole, Fine & Dandy, How To Explain Silence To A Dead Hare, Old Europa Cafe, Public Record/Ultra-red, Tourette Records, and Vague Terrain. Zealley holds an MFA in interdisciplinary studies from OCAD University. He is currently pursuing doctoral research through the Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University; Program of Study: Safe and Sound: Art, Queer Listening, and Biopolitics of HIV/AIDS.

Jessica Whitbread is a graduate of the York University Masters of Environmental Studies program, she has a degree in Building Communities to Ignite Social Change. She is a queer activist and artist that has been working in the HIV movement since shortly after her diagnosis in 2002. Her work includes LOVE POSITIVE WOMEN, Tea Time, No Pants No Problem and she is a co-curator of POSTERVirus. Jessica published Tea Time: Mapping Informal Networks of Women Living with HIV in 2015. She was the Wesley Mancini Artist in Residence at the McColl Center for Art and Innovation, and a recipient of the Premier’s Award from the Government of Ontario, and the Visual AIDS Vanguard Award. In 2016, she birthed twins and advocated to openly breastfeed them in a Canadian context.

Charles Ryan Long is a Chicago based multimedia artist who uses papermaking, print production and various other forms of visual media to communicate narratives of remembrance
and legacy to highlight opportunities for critical cultural shifts. His deep concern with material lineage is used to answer questions of what happens when individuals, places and spaces are taken away from our reality and stand unacknowledged or on the periphery. His practice isdedicated to the ways in which art can be used to advance liberative practices and envision other existences. The work move from gallery to street and back again in a conversation that constantly re-analyzes the role art plays in shaping and undoing worlds.

Notorious SlopQueen, Mikiki, is a performance and video artist and queer community health activist of Acadian/Mi’kmaq and Irish descent from Newfoundland, Canada. Their work has been shown in Artist-Run Centres, Public Galleries, Performance Festivals and self-produced interventions throughout and outside Canada. Mikiki’s creative themes often focus on negotiations on safer sex (lol); identity construction, attitudes around drug use, HIV disclosure, and community building through sharing skills, testimonials and storytelling. Mikiki has worked across the country as a Sexuality Educator in public schools, a Bathhouse Attendant, a Drag Queen Karaoke Hostess, a Gay Men’s Health & Wellness Outreach Worker, a Harm Reduction Street Outreach Worker and an HIV tester. Mikiki currently works as an artist full-time and lives in Toronto where they also host a Golden Girls screening series called Rose Beef.

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