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22 Jul. 2010

Launch for The Pleasure Is Back

Adam Medley
7 pm - 9 pm
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Art Metropole is pleased to host the launch of Adam Medley’s inaugural The Pleasure is Back product line. The first multiples to ever be created for the irreverent and long-running consumer satire project, this collection of posters, t-shirts and zines coincides with a redesigned and revitalized The pleasure is back website.

Adam Medley first launched his consumer satire project, The Pleasure is Back eight years ago with a series of text and image collages. These works can now be purchased in the form of posters, printed on t-shirts, mugs, and within the pages of his zines. This ongoing effort has culminated in a new series of products and a completely redesigned website at

A renewed focus on accessibility permeates the project with the release of new, value-priced novelties and a website designed for the viewing pleasure of a potential audience of billions.

The pleasure is back’s enterprising leap from the online sphere to the physical world, as well as its much-anticipated transition from desktop wallpaper to dorm room wall-saver places The pleasure is back in the running for the title of the “official brand of the twenty-first century.

Adam Medley is a graphic designer residing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He must be put to work.