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28 Jun. 2019


7-9 pm

Join us for the launch of PIZZA IS GOD, a cultural reader featuring texts and artworks by Carol Helstosky, Scott Wiener, Penny Rafferty, John Baldessari, Reena Spaulings, Chris Bradley, Katherine Bernhardt, Martin Kippenberger and many more!

Presented in collaboration with the Fuller Terrace Lecture Series and hosted by Art Metropole.


Doors 7pm
Presentations start at 7:30pm



The Pizza Reader is an eclectic but comprehensive combination of art projects, news, interviews, cultural theories, philosophical research, and analysis on the subject of pizza, considering a wide range of questions: What role does pizza play in contemporary art? What conclusions can we draw from the success of pizza as a cultural icon? What cultural consequences arise from the appropriation of pizza as a symbol? And finally, what is pizza’s role in the creation of a future in which the (sometimes) inhospitable present is reunited with the nostalgic past?

The cultural reader (367 pages) was published in conjunction with the exhibition PIZZA IS GOD at the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf, Germany (16.2.–20.5.2018).

Contributors include • Scott Wiener • Chelsea Gohd • Rachel K. Laudan • Ella Tetrault • Penny Rafferty • Georgia Peck • Joanna Carsten • Christopher Preston Thompson • Zachary Nowak • Regan Hofmann • Hilary Galbreaith • Carol Helstosky • Sylvie Sanchez • Konstanze Schütze • Gila Kolb • Nora Sternfeld • Chloe Lum • Marie Nipper • Mikkel Carl • Reena Spaulings • Martin Kippenberger • John Baldessari • Torben Ribe • Claude Viallat • Daniel Van Straalen • John Bock • Uffe Isolotto & Sixten Starck • Jonas Lund • Jennifer Chan • Marco Bruzzone • Lars Bent Petersen • Simon M. Benedict • Simon Dybbroe Møller • Spencer Sweeney • Tom Friedman • Cory Archangel • R. Crumb • Darren Bader • Chris Bradley • Katherine Bernhardt • Paul Barsch • Sebastian Schmieg • Torben Ribe • Thomas Judisch • PIZZAG8 by PCNC_BAY x BLUNT x SKENSVED • Fred Rapid • a.achat • PPKK • Julia Mintzer & Charles Oglivie • Olia Lialina • Dragan Espenscheid • Manuel Buerger • Milano Sfigati Ovunque • Jon Rafman • The Story of HAYY • Ho Hai Tran • Chloe Cahill • Marlborough Contemporary • Klara Kayser • Katja Cheraneva • Alma Alloro • Anthony Antonellis • Rachael Archibald • Kim Asendorf & Ole Fach • Dineo Seshee Bopape • Matteo Ceretto Castigliano • Debora Delmar • Jack Fisher • Luc Fuller • Shiyu Gao • Jason Hirata • Tilman Hornig & Anselm Ruderisch • Sascha Hundorff • Simona Lamparelli • Lorna Mills • Yorgos Sapountzis • Sydney Shen • Santiago Taccetti • Porschismus • The Circle and the Square • and many others.

Edited by Ella Tetrault, Konstanze Schütze, Alain Bieber, Paul Barsch

Designed by Thomas Artur Spallek

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Drinks by donation.

Books will be available for sale during the event, and will be available in-store and online after the launch.