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30 Apr. 2015

Laura Periodical


LAURA is a print arts periodical founded in 2010 in New York by Jared Leon and Johanna Heldebro. Primarily focused on art and music and who we believe to be the most exciting figures associated with these media, we have striven to make something that is both enthusiastic and drastic, and that we can distribute from our favourite places in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Berlin, Chicago, and now, Toronto. Past issues have included interviews with and writing by Gillian Wearing, Roni Horn, Paul Chan, Pusha T, Nancy Spector, Liam Gillick, Sarah Charlesworth, Jesse Pearson, Mika Tajima, Simon Stephens, Johan Kugelberg, Charlotte Moth, Martin Bisi, Jennifer Clavin, and Dan Treacy, amongst others.

LAURA #12 is a reaction to the recent closing of our favourite venue in the world, Death by Audio, which was in Brooklyn, New York.

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