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04 - 12 Sep. 2008

Look Away

Victoria Cheung

Art Metropole is delighted to present Victoria Cheung’s Look Away from September 4 – 12, 2008. Please join us on September 4 from 6-8 p.m. to celebrate the opening of Look Away and to meet the artist.

Look Away is an exhibition that zooms in on the asterisk. For the past five months, Victoria Cheung has obsessively collected printed asterisks from various sources: from fast food coupons to textbooks, sheet music to chip bags. These specimens are examined in a laboratory under the microscope.

Cheung’s fascination lies in the design, ubiquity and shifting nature of the asterisk. As a graphic sign, she speculates that the asterisk has more than 14 functions. Look Away is composed of photographs, prints, and asterisk specimens. It directs our attention to a typographical symbol of microscopic dimensions that performs macroscopic references.

Victoria Cheung is a Guelph-based artist currently completing her MFA degree at the University of Guelph. For the past five years, language has been her primary medium and subject matter for her work. Using language, she produces art that can ask questions, tell stories, organize, criticize, confuse, lie…


Source: Australia, New Zealand & Fiji Small Group Adventures 2008-2009. Page 13, "Apr 12*". Original sample, 0.4mm. 350x Bright field microscopy.

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