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01 Jan. 2002

Matthias Hermann: Hotel2001

Matthias Herrmann

HOTEL2001 consists of 96 full color photographs plus a short essay by Lawrence Rinder, curator of the Whitney Museum of American Art. In his essay, Mr. Rinder says:

“Sometimes it’s hard to tell Matthias Hermann and his cock apart. He’s so cock-like, pert and amusing. And his cock acts just like a silly guy in a hotel room. The two of them seem to have a wonderful time together. It’s rare to see such shamelessness. What an instructive performance!”

Matthias Herrmann is a Viennese artist, known for his photographic self-portraits. In his work, Herrmann hybridizes fashion and commercial photography with genres of pornography and studio portraiture. Using himself as subject, and as sexual object, he at once questions and is complicit with contemporary representation of the male and female bodies. Mr. Herrmann brings new illumination to the definition of camp with photos that are wry, visually witty, and photographically sophisticated.

Hotel2001 consists of 96 photographic self-portraits and panels with found texts from various sources like interviews with film stars and artists, all taken in hotels in various cities in Europe, Japan and North America. It is the third publication by Matthias Herrmann to be published by Art Metropole, Toronto: his previous book Hotel (2000) presents 94 photographs from 1996-2000 and accompanying texts by art historian and critic Martin Prinzhorn and writer Marcus Wailand.