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25 Jun. 2016

Moire Reading and Launch with Tiziana La Melia

2-4 PM

Moire will launch their fourth issue with Tiziana La Melia featuring writing by Daniella Sanader. In conjunction, a print edition will be available through Art Metropole.

Event 2-4 PM, with readings by Tiziana La Melia and Daniella Sanader beginning at 3 PM.

Moire 4 focuses on the expansive practice of Tiziana La Melia and features writing by Daniella Sanader in addition to a variety of collaborative projects. For this issue, we considered: metalepsis; snails; slips of tongue and hand; translation; spaces between surfaces; planting sculpture; and how a dog, when released into a field, never follows a straight line.

Bio: Moire offers no knowing. Rather, as an effect, it questions vision. When viewed in duration, what comes into focus is an overlapping of materiality and immateriality. This enhanced visibility is accrued in the crossing of singular paths to make patterns. Slipping, skewing, and swaying, the friction between patterns adjusts (slightly and/or radically) to reveal a process of re-composing | de-composing.

Moire is an artist project established by Liza Eurich, Ella Dawn McGeough, and Colin Miner in 2012. Each publication includes texts, interviews, photographs, and collaborative projects. Previous issues have featured the practices of Raymond Boisjoly and Amy Brener. In the summer of 2015, Moire organized the exhibition, and corresponding publication, A kind of graphic unconscious at Susan Hobbs Gallery with work by Liz Deschenes, Eileen Quinlan, Erin Shirreff, and Erika Vogt. The content exists and is made available in pdf format for download at

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